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Year 6 Mrs Brennan

Remote Learning 


Please find links to our online learning which will work alongside the learning packs sent home. Each lesson is aligned to either a video link or a power point designed to support your children's learning. Live learning on Teams will be available daily from 2.00 pm for Year 6 children (see timetable for remote learning). Please scroll down for instructions for accessing our Teams page. Thank you for your continued support, please use the following email address should you need to contact me directly, or alternatively you can message me through Seesaw. 

Thank you and take care - Mrs Brennan, Mrs Dickings, Miss Ward.

Learning Support - Reading


It is essential that children continue to read during this time.

Click on the link below from Oxford Owl for a selection of eBooks that are available for free if you sign up to the site.

This is a fantastic resource with an excellent selection of books - I hope you find it useful.


Equally, you can also visit Boston Library online.

From the following website you can access e-books, audiobooks and e-magazines for free. All you need to do is become a member of the library (which is free to join) and a pin number which is available from the library.


Another useful website, which is also free to join, is ReadTheory used to improve children's reading comprehension. 

TT Rock Stars

Logins for TT Rockstars were sent out via Seesaw during the previous closure in October. Please check your Seesaw messages.




E-mail contact details for the teaching team in school hours are:

Children at Home


Please head over to our class page on Teams. Under the channel heading General you will find our weekly timetable and instructions for this week's learning. Check the timetable for homework and a brief outline of the week's learning. After you have checked the timetable, simply use the channel list on the left hand side to find the day of the week.

For example go to Monday and click. Here you will find find the day's work instructions. Once you have read the instructions, go to Files.


At the top of the page it will say Files - click here to find folders of work.





Click on Files to find your work. Each lesson or subject has its own folder. The folder will be pinned to the top of the page and look like the folder below. Please note some children may have their own folders dependent upon learning needs.





If you're having problems please contact me by email or through SeeSaw and I'll be happy to help. Please note Teams can be a little slow to upload at times, so please be patient.


Science and DT

We have had a busy week this week! year 6 have been finishing two units of work this week. The first was our unit on Light in Science and the second was our unit on Gas Masks in DT. We had two fantastic days filled with lots of learning.

Creating a Wartime Gas Mask


This term, Year 6 have been working really hard, learning all about WW2. In our DT unit, we have been looking at wartime gas mask and why they were so important during WW2.We found out that during WW2, everybody was issued with a gas mask to protect them in the event of a gas bomb being dropped during an air raid. Luckily, there was never any need for a gas mask to be used properly. It was essential that everybody carried their gas mask at all times wherever they went and you would be fined if you were caught without it. Posters were also displayed everywhere to remind people to carry their gas masks at all times.


Throughout the term, we have been researching about wartime gas masks, creating our own research questions, asked our peers about the design of a gas mask they would like, created a detailed product design, which shows us the steps we needed to take to be able to make our own gas mask, constructing our own wartime gas mask, before we write a detailed evaluation about our finished product.


This topic also fits in with our English topic, Goodnight Mister Tom, which follows the journey of a young boy from London, William Beech, as he is evacuated to the countryside. William also had a gas mask which he carried with him everywhere he went.


Our gas mask were constructed using, paper, cardboard and we used plastic for the eye holes. Take a look at our pictures, to see how got on with our learning:











Following in the footsteps of Isaac Newton.


Year 6 discovered that white light is actually made up of all the colours of the rainbow. We learned that this is called the ‘visible spectrum’. For example, when a ray of white light shines on an object, the object absorbs some colours and reflects others. A pear reflects the green light and absorbs the other colours of light. It is only the green light that bounces back into our eye. The pear looks green to our eyes! See how we got on when we were investigating to see whether different coloured items change colour when a coloured filter was placed in front of them. This video explains refraction and light.











Microsoft TEAMS Test! 


I will be running a Microsoft TEAMS test on Thursday 22nd October 2020 at 1pm. This will allow all children in our class to access TEAMS and have a look at how our learning will be displayed and how they can contact staff, if we were to close our Year 6 bubble or the school in the future. 


Further information has been sent out to you all via Parent Mail.

Equally, you will be able to find all of the information you need for downloading TEAMS and information on how to sign in, by following the link below to the Microsoft TEAMS section on our school website:

Please make sure that you have downloaded TEAMS and have signed in ready for 1pm (on the day) and then I will request a call with the children. There is no expectation for adults to stay with the children, but it is important that you are aware that your child is online. 

See you then!

Remote Learning W/C 19th October 2020

(Please scroll down for updates and appropriate resources to support your child's learning)


Firstly, we hope this message finds you all well and we hope you have had a lovely weekend. 

Thank you to you all who have accessed our remote learning resources from our class pages - we hope the resources are easily accessible and are also a help to support the learning that your child has been completing in school, prior to the school closure. 


We have provided you all with some more learning sources for the week ahead, before you put your tools down and have a very well-deserved half term break. 


This week, there are a range of different resources on offer for your child to complete. These resources include: Maths, SPaG, Reading Comprehension, History and Science. 


Maths - football rounding and multiplication and division facts. We have also included another arithmetic paper.  

SPaG - Using commas accurately.

Reading - The War Time Diary of Eliza Beale (three different levels).

History - War Propaganda Posters.

Science - Creating a playscript between Mister Tom and William Beech, where they explain in detail how light travels. 


We do appreciate that there is a lot of work for your child to complete. However, we are not expecting that all of the work is to be completed this week. We ask that your child tries their best to complete a range of different activities and does what they can, when they can. 


We have also included support tools to help your child with their learning. 

If you do have any trouble with accessing this learning or need further support, please do not hesitate to contact a member of the Year 6 Team. 


We hope that you have a good week!

SPaG - Using Commas Accurately

Well done to all the children sending in pictures of their learning. You can send in pictures via email or Seesaw. Thank you for continuing to work so hard Year 6.

Better Luck next time Owls! Thank you to all those who took part.

Learning Support - Reading


It is essential that children continue to read during this time.

Click on the link below from Oxford Owl for a selection of eBooks that are available for free if you sign up to the site.

This is a fantastic resource with an excellent selection of books - I hope you find it useful.


Equally, you can also visit Boston Library online.

From the following website you can access e-books, audiobooks and e-magazines for free. All you need to do is become a member of the library (which is free to join) and a pin number which is available from the library.


Another useful website, which is also free to join, is ReadTheory used to improve children's reading comprehension. 


All you need to do is click on the links below:

Learning Support - Maths


As I'm sure you are aware, some children in every class require some differentiated learning activities to help them maintain the same sense of achievement as their peers.

If you know this is the case for your child, or you are referred to this section, this is where we will be posting activities for these children.


I have provided you with some multiplication and division worksheets and some links to useful reading websites. 

Equally, if you do require further support, or have any questions or concerns, then please do not hesitate to contact me on the email address at the top of our class page.



Science Kahoot! Quiz


Test your knowledge of light using our Kahoot! science quiz. Winners to be announced when we return to school.

Good Luck!


Arts Award


Mrs Smith has asked us to remind all the children, who are completing the Arts Award, to please find their next piece of work on the school's website in the Arts Award section. 


Click on the link below which will take you to this page:


Many Thanks

TT Rock Stars - Class Battle

Owls v Falcons



Calling ALL Year 6 pupils! Battle of the Bands is about to begin!

Owls v Falcons

Tuesday 13th October - Thursday 15th October 2020

Take part between: 09:00 -16:00 each day!


You will need your TT Rock Stars username and password to play. 


Let the battle commence!




Please can parents who have not connected to Seesaw please contact me on the above email.

I can then add you to our class page send out learning logins for remote learning.

Many thanks,

Mrs Brennan

Remote Learning W/C 12th October 2020


Good Evening, I hope that this message finds you well. 


Please find below your child's home learning resources for this week, which includes:

Spelling, Grammar and Punctuation, Maths and Reading resources. 

Each piece of work is a recap of what your child has been learning in school over the past 5 weeks. We hope that the learning provided will be of use to your child and will also be a revision exercise. 


We have also provided a list of useful website that can be used in support of your child's learning. 

We hope you take this time to encourage your child to complete the work provided and also listen to them read on a regular basis. We also encourage you to allow for your child to play TT Rock Stars as often as possible. 


If you are able to print these resources, then please do so and allow for your child to write on each worksheet. If you are not able to print each resource, then we are more than happy for your child to complete their learning on a Word document or in a notepad/spare paper at home. 


Our school email addresses can be found at the top of each class page and we will respond to any

queries about your child's learning during school hours. 


All we ask is that your child tries their best and has a go at completing their home learning. 


Many Thanks, 

 Mrs Brennan, Mr Jaques and the Year 6 Team.

Keeping Safe While Working Online


Working from home is likely to mean more time spent on computers, tablets and the internet. Therefore it is incredibly important to ensure you are being safe whilst you are online. Please take some time to look at the slides (PDF) below to make sure you are doing everything you can to stay safe!


If you have some spare time, there are also some activities for our Year 6 pupils to look at and complete. 

Click on the PDF resources below:

Keeping Active at Home


Whilst the school is closed for the next few weeks, it is important to make sure that we are engaged with our remote learning. Equally, it is also important to take a break from time to time and also engage in some physical activities. 

Ms Ingamells has kindly provided us with some useful activities that your children can do over the next two weeks. 

Take a look below. 

All activities can also be found on the sports page of the school's website. Just click on the link below:


How many of these challenges can you achieve? 


Numbers to 10,000,000 Scavenger Hunt


Both Year 6 classes took part in a scavenger hunt to consolidate their understanding of place value in numbers up to 10, 000,000. The children worked in pairs to locate different questions scattered around the playground and provide answers on their answer sheets, before having their answers checked by an adult.

Numbers to 10,000,000 Scavenger Hunt

We really enjoyed playing 3 in a row with our partners today using negative numbers. Have a go yourself or challenge the computer. Links below!

Terrific Maths investigation using negative numbers today. We had to find the hottest and coldest countries and calculate the differences in average temperatures.

Science Posters - The children have made some great posters explaining how light travels in straight lines and how we see objects.

Here is our Knowledge Organiser for our Science topic Light - ask our learners about their knowledge of Light and see what they can recall!

Welcome to Owl Class.


Mrs Brennan, Miss Neal, Mrs Dickings and Miss Ward would like to welcome you all to our class page.

We hope you managed to enjoy some restful family time over the summer break; it's great to be back. I am delighted to have the privilege of teaching your children in their final year here at Hawthorn Tree. Our journey together in Y6 will be filled with challenges, but it will also be filled with discovery, amazing learning experiences, new roles and responsibilities, growing independence and equally importantly- enjoyment and laughter.


This is the year of reading; challenges have been set and reading will be celebrated throughout the school. Please support your child's reading by hearing them read at least twice a week, we have some fantastic Y6 texts to read this year beginning with Goodnight Mr Tom.


We have had a great couple of days back in the classroom and although things are different, I have been delighted with the children’s attitude to learning and their resilience. A class timetable and homework timetable are attached below. If your child is struggling with homework, they are welcome to speak to Mrs Brennan, Mrs Dickings or Miss Ward BEFORE their homework is due in, this means we can complete the homework together and address any misunderstandings.


If you do have any concerns or queries, then please do not hesitate to contact us (preferably by phone or email) before or after the school day.


Please keep checking in on our class page for important updates and snapshots of our learning.

Stay safe. Thank you.

Mrs Brennan



London Residential 2021


Mrs Brennan and I would like to inform you all about an exiting opportunity for our Year 6 pupils. Next year, we would like to take our Year 6 pupils on a three-day residential to London. 

The three day trip will allow for your child to explore London through World War 2. 


Over the three days, we will visit The Imperial War Museum, where we will explore the causes, course and consequences of World War , hop on board the HMS Belfast to explore what life was like at war on the sea, before discovering the secrets beneath the streets of Westminster in the underground nerve centre of the Churchill War Rooms. 

In addition to our war time adventures, we will also be enjoying a stunning 360-degree, panoramic view of London on the London Eye, before taking in the sights from a whole new perspective with a cruise down the River Thames. 


We also have the opportunity to watch a West End Show (show to be confirmed) before rounding off our trip by visiting Warner Bros. Studios - The Making of Harry Potter. Here, the children will take a spellbinding, behind the scenes exploration of the sets used in the massively successful franchise. 


If you would like more information about this trip, then please find more information and payment schedule via Parent Mail or visit our Newsletter section on the school website.


We hope you can join us! 


For more information, please do not hesitate to contact a member of the Year 6 team!