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Monday 1st February


For your phonics session today we would like you to tune into the Ruth Miskin Phonics channel on YouTube. Here is the link:


If you are in Group A then please work on the set 2 sound videos.

If you are in Group B then please work on the Set 3 sound videos.


Please also have a look at the books below! The books are labelled for each group. 

Group A - Sam Gets a Shock

Today you are going to learn all about the suffix '-ed'. This suffix tells us that something happened in the past. Sometimes, this suffix can sound a little bit different in words, even though it is always written in the same way. Please look through the PowerPoint presentation and then complete your learning tasks. 

We look forward to seeing you for today's Live session on Teams. Today we will be looking at numbers to 50 and how these numbers are made up of tens and ones, the children will be continuing to practise counting to 50 in both tens and ones. Please use the link below to practise counting in tens and visualising/representing counting in tens to 50. 




Our P.E. Session this week will focus on the last part of the Smartest Giant in Town story.

This movement programme is called A Present from the animals.

Follow the link to listen to the BBC Programme.

We look forward to seeing some of your ideas.

Please remember to log in to the new platform for PE, using the log in details in your pack. You could visit this at any time across the week to complete more PE activities.

The links for this weeks activites are below:


Last week you learnt about rhythmic notation to read and write songs. In this weeks lesson you are going to continue to use rhytmic notation to read and write songs.


Have fun - we would love to see some pictures on Seesaw of you practising your music.


Here is a link to a story for you to enjoy.

The Monkey with a Bright Blue Bottom - read by Steve Smallman

The bestselling author of POO IN THE ZOO reads from the new edition of his award-winning book THE MONKEY WITH A BRIGHT BLUE BOTTOM. Written by Steve Smallman...