We have places available in some year groups! Please contact us for more details.

Mental Health and Wellbeing

Mental Health and Wellbeing in school is over seen by our pastoral support team of learning mentors and is a service that gives help and support to pupils as well as providing information, advice and guidance. We always work in close partnership with teachers, parents/carers and other specialist agencies.

Pastoral care is a process used by schools to safeguard pupils. This provision is aimed at ensuring your child's physical, social and emotional welfare whilst promoting positive integration into school life. Pastoral care relates to aspects of a pupils school life that are not directly related to academics or areas of study but are more related to social and emotional, well being and behavioural issues.


Our Pastoral Team

While being online can be hugely positive for everyone, especially our children, many parents and carers worry about how best to manage their safety. Issues around content and screen time are frequently reported with 40% of parents/carers reporting that they struggled to control their screen time. To help, here is a brief introduction to some common features available to help support you and your child when they engage with content in the virtual world.