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Year 3 Miss Morley

Welcome to our Year 3 Class Page!

On this page, you will be able to see some of the wonderful things we've been up to.




Our PE lessons are on a Wednesday and a Friday. Please ensure weather appropriate kits are in school and have your child's name in.



Scarab Beetle Necklaces

Year 3 – Trip to Tattershall Castle


As part of our trip, the children were able to explore the castle and reflect on their Castles unit of learning. The children took part in a range of activities such as: brass rubbings, mystery trail, dressing up and performing a medieval dance.



Sports Day


Geography - Sketch Maps of our School Area



Science - Investigating parts of plants and their functions



Clay Scarab Beetles


Art  - Scarab Beetles


In our art lessons, we have been exploring the significance of scarab beetles in Egyptian art. We have developed our sketch books using an array of colours and materials to support our designs.


Science - Plant Investigations!


This term in science, we have been exploring the different conditions needed in order for plants to grow. So far, we have explored seed germination and the need for light and water. We have been investigating how water transports through plants in our celery experiment seen below...



Mauritius Taste Testing with Mrs Kadar


This afternoon we were fortunate to enjoy a tasting session based on delicious Mauritian cuisine. A huge thank you to Mrs Kadar for sharing her knowledge and wonderful cooking!



Crab football!



Friday 5th May – Coronation Celebration Day

Please come to school dressed in the colours of the Mauritius Flag


Easter Crafts


In Otters, we have made our own Easter baskets using card and lots of patience! I wonder what we might fill them with!?



Easter Holiday Homework

Please can you complete the following:

Reading twice a week to an adult. This will be six reading signatures in total.

TTRockstars - 10 minutes per week 

Reading comprehension

Celebrate all your hard work by trying out the Easter recipe. Team points for photos of your creations.

Have fun!

Easter Recipe

Cave Paintings


As part of our History lessons, we have been exploring three Prehistoric periods: The Stone Age, The Bronze Age and The Iron Age. Much of our historical evidence comes from art forms such as cave paintings, so we decided to have a go at recreating our own.


British Science Week - Connections


As part of British science week, we have been investigating our finger prints!


As an introduction to British Science Week - we heard from an aviation expert who gave us lots of information about different scientific based jobs within the aviation team.




DT - Making Superhero Robots


As part of our DT unit, we have been designing and creating superhero robots. As part of this, we've had to consider what tools and materials we can use to allow our robot to have moving limbs and a light. We had to work together to create circuits to ensure our lights came on with a switch.


World Book Day 2023


As part of World Book Day, the children in year 3 came dressed as their favourite characters. We were amazed at such a variety in costumes! We completed a range of activities to celebrate the day- including a drama workshop, a live online lesson and completed competition entries for the school competition.


Arts Award Certificates


The children in year 3 worked exceptionally hard to achieve their arts award. They showed dedication, learned a range of new dance skills and terminology, all whilst working collaboratively to produce a fantastic piece. As a result, the children have been over the moon with their certificates!

Super Hero Dress Up Day!



Year 3 - Superhero Dress Up Day


On Monday 20th February year 3 is having a Superhero day! We ask that you come dressed as your favourite superhero. Please do not buy expensive costumes - feel free to craft your own costume using what you have. We look forward to seeing your outfits!


Otters class loved exchanging toys and books at our swap shop this week. Thank you for your support and donations- the children look forward to choosing some new equipment for the playground.


Board Games Club with Mrs Bray and Mrs Slawson


The children in Otters class have really enjoyed trying a range of board games in their afterschool club. What games do you recognise?


Children's Mental Health Week - 2023



As part of this week, the children have been able to explore what makes us different and also our similarities that hep to keep us connected. We came up with a range of strategies to keep our minds healthy and made a window display to reflect this...

Switzerland Day

Switzerland Day

On Wednesday 14th December Year 3 will be taking part in a Switzerland Day. They will be continuing their learning about Switzerland, creating some Swiss themed art, and doing some taste testing. For this day the children will be able to dress in the colours of the Swiss flag red and white.

Christmas Chocolate Hamper - 20p a ticket!

Create and Dance - Alice in Wonderland

Soup Making!

Christmas has landed!

This term the Year 3s will be learning about chocolate. This will include finding out about the process of making chocolate, writing diaries as Charlie from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and learning about the History of chocolate.

In Maths the children will be continuing work on addition and subtracting, including subtraction with exchanging and word problems.

In Science the children will be learning about Light. They will be finding out about different sources of light and planning experiments using simple circuits.

The children will take part in a Switzerland themed day linked to their Geography topic when they will take part in some Swiss themed crafts and taste some food.

In DT they will be testing soup and deciding on which flavour they would like to make. They will complete work on healthy eating, look at food labels and design soup tin labels.

PE (indoor) will be following the Royal Opera House Alice in Wonderland programme, whereby the children will create a dance and work to gain their Art Award Discover certificate from Trinity Arts London.

Freeze Frames

On Thursday 10th November we will be celebrating National Science Day! As part of this, if you have any scientific, child-friendly books at home- please send them in with your child. This will be a great opportunity to share our wider understanding of science and how it helps protect our world.

The Production of Chocolate

Let there be light!

Science - Investigating forces using newton meters



 Handed outTo be handed in
Reading (2 signatures a week in the reading journal from an adult who has heard their child read) Checked on a Wednesday