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Tuesday 26th January


Family Tree


Today you will be collecting all the information you need to help you create a family tree.  Continue with the template from the previous day and add names/ dates of birth/jobs/where they live and any other information you may want to add.  You can write more notes on spare paper.  This will help you when we start creating the main tree on Wednesday.

Please see an example of information you may wish to add.

If you have finished gathering all your information have a go at this.


Pictograms scale 10 and 2 and challenge question.


Please test your child on the words they have for this week.

Mrs Bray's group - put each of your spellings into a sentence to show you know what it means.

Mrs Jenkins' group - complete the follow up sheet for wa and qua words.

Wa and qua word follow up work and unit 12 spellings for the test on 2.2.2021.



Clink on the link to continue with the PE for today.  If you are not sure of anything all further information can be found on the sport pages for the school.