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Friday 5th March

Today is a very special day.... the last day of our home learning! I'm so excited about seeing you all in school next week and meeting you properly, face to face!




In English today, we're performing our poems that we wrote yesterday. Please spend some time re-reading them. If you need to edit, do so. When you have re-read and perfected your poems, practise reading them aloud.


Successful poetry performances include:

  • clear, loud enough voices
  • a slower reading pace than usual (it helps the words to be heard properly)
  • meaningful expression
  • if you want, actions that go along with your poem


I can't wait to hear your poems later on.

An example of how to read your poem.

Still image for this video
Look out for ways in which I've tried to engage my listener. I haven't simply read out my poem.



In maths today, we look at comparing and ordering fractions greater than 1. Don't forget, you'll need to find the common denominators OR the common numerators when you're doing your working out.


You'll be doing the first part of the worksheet only.


Watch the video below to help you.

Spr5.5.5 - Compare and order fractions more than 1 (first part of worksheet)

Adapted Maths


Today, we'll be finding out about counting in fractions. Remember, when the denominator (top number) and numerator (bottom number) are the same, the fraction is worth 1 whole.


Watch the video to help you with today's learning.

Spr4.6.5 - Count in fractions