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Who's Who

Mr J Kelwick Headteacher, SLT, NPQH
Mrs Y Kadar Deputy Head Teacher & Head of KS2, Reading coordinator, SLT, NPQH
Mr C Brady Assistant Head Teacher, SENDco & Year 5 Class Teacher, SLT
Mrs S Herring Head of KS1 & Year 2 Class Teacher, History coordinator, SLT
Mrs G Myers Reception Class Teacher (Job Share), Music coordinator
Miss J Glew Reception Class Teacher (Job Share), Phonics coordinator
Mrs M Wright Reception Class Teacher (Job Share), EAL coordinator
Mrs A Jackson Reception Class Teacher (Job Share)
Miss A Bone Year 1 Class Teacher
Mrs S Pellatt Year 1 Class Teacher, Computing coordinator
Mrs D Jenkins Year 2 Class Teacher, EYFS&KS1 Maths coordinator (MLT), NPQSL
Miss B Morris Year 3 Class Teacher
Mrs J Smith Year 3 Class Teacher & Arts/Culture coordinator (MLT)
Mrs J Slater Year 4 Class Teacher (Job Share), D&T coordinator
Mrs S Scullion Year 4 Class Teacher (Job Share), RE coordinator
Mrs T Millane Year 4 Class Teacher, Lower KS2 coordinator (MLT), Writing coordinator, NPQSL
Miss G Wager Year 5 Class Teacher, E-safety coordinator
Mrs P Graves Year 5 Class Teacher (Job Share) & Maths coordinator (MLT)
Mr A Jaques Year 6 Class Teacher, Upper KS2 coordinator (MLT), Science coordinator, NPQSL
Mrs S Brennan Year 6 Class Teacher, Mobilise lead, Geography coordinator
Miss E Neal PPA Cover Teacher
Ms N Ingamells PE Co-ordinator
Mrs L Ashley SEN Support Teacher
Mrs A Singer Reception Teaching Assistant
Miss A Harrison Apprentice Teaching Assistant
Mrs M Ferguson Reception Teaching Assistant
Miss E Dakin Reception Teaching Assistant
Mrs H Carr Year 1 Teaching Assistant
Mrs G Freeston Year 1 Teaching Assistant
Mrs A Wroblewska Year 1 Teaching Assistant
Mrs T Bray Year 2 Teaching Assistant
Mrs T Orrey Year 2 Teaching Assistant
Ms K Taylor KS1 Teaching Assistant
Mrs T Swanson Year 3 Teaching Assistant
Mrs K Stevenson Year 3 Teaching Assistant
Mrs H Rodgers Year 4 Teaching Assistant
Mrs M Smith 1:1 Teaching Assistant
Mrs H Bedford Year 4 Teaching Assistant
Miss J Sykes 1:1 Teaching Assistant
Mrs R Maxwell Year 5 Teaching Assistant
Mrs C Gilby Year 5 Teaching Assistant & SEND Admin
Mr K Mitchell 1:1 Teaching Assistant
Mrs C Blakeborough Year 6 Teaching Assistant
Mrs J Avison 1:1 Teaching Assistant
Mrs H Dickings Year 6 Teaching Assistant
Mrs A Janiszewska KS1 & KS2 Teaching Assistant
Mrs L Jackson School Business Manager
Mrs C Sammons Administrator
Miss B East Admin Assistant
Mrs K Tyler Admin Assistant
Mrs C Knight Lead Learning Mentor
Miss H Ward Learning Mentor
Mr M Miller Site Manager & Caretaker
Mrs K Homer Midday Controller & Cleaner
Mrs S Stones Midday Supervisory Assistant
Mrs S Nundy Midday Supervisory Assistant
Mrs D Allen Midday Supervisory Assistant
Mrs J Periam Midday Supervisory Assistant
Miss S Burn Midday Supervisory Assistant
Mrs C Banks Midday Supervisory Assistant
Mrs T Thayne Midday Supervisory Assistant
Miss H Morgan Midday Supervisory Assistant
Miss H Chapman Midday Supervisory Assistant & Cleaner
Mrs V Bisby Midday Supervisory Assistant