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Wednesday 27th January

In this lesson we are going to learn about the day of the week that is special for Jewish believers and why it is important to them.

Is there a day of the week that is different or special for you? Is there a day when the whole family does something? Is there a day when you go somewhere special or do something important? If you found out that one day of the week was now going to be every day of the week, what day would you want it to be, and why? (You can pretend we're back to pre-Covid times and try to remember what you used to do)

Read 'The Sabbath' and then on one side of a piece of paper record what you remember about the Jewish Shabbat and why it is important.  On the other side, write what is important to you.  If you had a special day, what would you do and who would you spend it with?