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Thursday 4th February

Welcome to Thursday! 


Tomorrow's theme has already been set for us. As a whole school, we are doing an "Express Yourself" theme. This is a chance for you to show us what you love, like, enjoy doing, love reading, favourite hobby, career ambition or.... well, anything that shows us what makes you, you! Come to our TEAMS tomorrow dressed to express! I can't wait to see your outfits.



Today in maths, you'll be honing your multiplication skills. Watch the videos for more help.



Today in English, you'll be planning and writing the first part of your persuasive leaflet about the North Pole. 


Top tips:

  • Take time - you're only doing the first part today. You should not aim to finish the whole thing. Instead, take your time, put your very best effort in to writing high quality language and sentence structures which include all your best grammar skills.
  • Persuade effectively - state what you want to happen.
  • Address your audience - you're writing for the general public. How will you hook them in?
  • Enjoy it! If you enjoy writing it, then you'll enjoy reading it, which will means you'll produce more effective writing.



This week in geography, we'll be comparing the Arctic and Antarctic regions. I hear you asking, "Surely they're both really cold and snowy so what differences can there be?" You will be surprised! Enjoy exploring the poles today!



Read the information and complete the tasks as you go. Use your best handwriting please!

You can also follow along on the weblink below, which starts with an interactive quiz and then moves on to the video which this lesson is based on.