We have places available in some year groups! Please contact us for more details.

Year 5 Mrs Graves/Mrs Misodi



I (Mrs Misodi) have been able to rearrange other duties in order to run online teaching sessions this week! Times are as follows:


Tuesday: Group A 9.30 am, Group B 10.30am

Wednesday: Group A 9.30am, Group B 10.30am

Thursday: Group A 3pm, Group B 3.45pm. 

Friday: Back to school! laugh 

E-mail contact details for the teaching team, in school hours (9am until 4:30pm), are;  Monday to Wednesday  Thursday and Friday

Eedi Maths Summer Club


We have been given the opportunity to offer your child the chance to take part in a Summer Maths Club from Eedi Summer Club. If you sign up before 14th June, you will receive free access to a 7-week programme of Maths to help motivate and engage your child and help him/her grow in confidence with the subject.


If you have any questions, please contact directly.

Maths Homework


If you are finding the fraction homework a little trick, here is a video that will help to remind you what to do. Remember all of the key things that we say to ourselves when we are working on fractions.


You only need to do the first side of the sheet. 



World Book Day Event  - 3rd March 2021


World Book Day is a celebration of stories. The day is marked in over 100 countries across the world. This year, I am delighted to announce, that the Arts charity Settle Stories has offered schools the opportunity to access a free online storytelling performance, which we will be streaming, to help our children have the best World Book Day ever with professional storyteller Alia Alzougbi. However, they are aware that many of you are learning from home and therefore have extended this offer to YOU! Hoorah!!! You do need to book your place, using the link below. 


Arabic storyteller Alia will welcome our children to Ancient Arabia. Step into the story and be delighted for a mischievous hour as she recounts some of the lesser-known stories from the timeless collection of the Arabian Nights.


This will begin at 1.30 and finish at  2.15pm. I am aware that this will overlap with our Teams lesson but you will be able to join the meeting once the performance has finished. I am sure everyone will enjoy the performance.  Thank you

Arabian Nights

World Book Day Activity - write a blurb and decorate it with pictures to bring your story visually to life.

Welcome back. We hope you have had a great half term break and that you have found time to relax and do all the things you like to do. Maybe you have taken the time to try a new skill or you might have done things you just love to do when you have the time. We are looking forward to hearing what you have been up to. 


Children's Mental Health Week 1st - 7th February


Now, more than ever, it is important that we try to stay positive and develop a healthy mind. This week is Children’s Mental Health week and with us all being in a very unusual situation, we need to make sure we are filling part of our day with mindful activities and a routine that allows to get through each day, one at a time.

Under our Mindful Activities Hedgehog, you will find many ideas and activities that you might like to try.

TTRockstars Year 5 Team Colours Tournament

After a closely fought battle at the end, Blues and Yellows came within 100 points of each other, which I said I would class as a draw. In order to crown the winning team, I added up the total number of points (on average) gained by Blues and Yellows and the results were:


Blues 2052


Yellows 1748


So I declare Blues the winners!!


An extra special mention should go to the following Rock Stars for their excellent effort in this tournament:


1st Fade Tuber 19,589 coins

2nd Heath Lazzara 17,922 coins

3rd Steven Scratch 10,126 coins

4th  Hamilton Woods 6207 coins

5th Amber Bishop 5986 coins






Lockdown Remote Learning Week 3


A new week for learning and your new packs to begin today. You have been working very hard and you should be proud of yourselves. This week brings you work on Area, Spellings, Poetry and The North Pole so there is lots to get involved in. 


You will see each day has the work which is in your pack and for some lessons there will be an adapted learning task too. Remember, you don't need to complete both of the tasks for the lesson, just the activity which is best suited to your learning. 


Something bright to start our week. Logan has carefully coloured this wonderful picture of a lion. I think he has done a brilliant job. If you have completed a task that you would like to share, please email us a picture.

Time Table for Teams - Check the message on the Teams page to see if you are Group A or B

For those of you who have left your spellings at school, here they are. I shall do a spelling test with you during our Monday Teams meeting before I do some Grammar teaching ready for you to complete your task on Tuesday.

Words: Silent t

















Hello Year 5,

Well our time together this term was very short, but we are glad we got to see you again before this new lockdown.

Let us start by saying that we are all here for you. We will be able to meet up on Teams each day. Please look at the message on our Teams page to see which session you are required to attend. On Teams, we will be able to talk about the work that you have done and introduce new work to you.  We have spent the day preparing some work for you to do at home this week. Each day the work you need to complete will be put on our class page on the Hawthorn Tree Website. This work will be the same as what is in the pack. 

There are two parts to your pack; the first is for the rest of this week and the second, larger part is for next week. If you check the webpage daily, you will know what you need to do each day.


Stay safe and look after yourselves


Mrs Graves, Mrs Misodi, Mrs Gilby and Miss Sykes

We are very proud of the Christmas Wreaths the class have made.

End of Term One

So everyone, this brings us to the end of a rather strange Term 1 in school. We've really missed not being able to spend time with you in school the last couple of weeks, but think you've done brilliantly to quickly adjust to working at home! yes

Speaking to your parents and looking at what's been sent to us we can see how hard you've tried,

Well Done indeed! smiley

Please enjoy your break next week and stay safe!

We look forward to welcoming you back into school safely on Monday 2nd November. laugh

Best Wishes Mrs Graves and Mr Brady


Learning Support

As I'm sure you are aware some children in every class require some differentiated learning activities to help them maintain the same sense of achievement as their peers. If you know this is the case for your child or you are referred to this section, this is where we will be posting activities for these children.


Reading Comprehension Week 1 12th-16th October

If your child is normally supported by Miss Sykes during reading comprehension sessions, posted here are two sets of short texts and related questions for them to work on this week:


Reading Comprehension Week 2     19th-22nd October

Well done everybody, I've had some great work from this group last week smiley

For this week I've added two more sets of Reading Comprehension activities for you,

based on our history work on Anglo-Saxon times. Keep up the good work, I look

forward to seeing how you've got on!





It is essential that children continue to read during this time. Lower down this page, I have explained how it is possible to sign up to Boston Library for free eBooks and audio books. I also have a link for you below from Oxford Owl for a selection of eBooks that are available for free if you sign up to the site. It is a fantastic resource with an excellent selection of books. I hope you find it useful.

Thursday 22nd October




There will be something a little different for Maths today. I have been planning the work for when we all return together on Monday 2nd November and I would like to complete the topic of Drawing Line Graphs together as it can be a little tricky. So for today, you have a Maths puzzle to complete. 


Today we are going to use what we learnt last week on how to compose a formal letter of complaint about Mr Bean's behaviour at the hotel! 

Look at the example letter here, in which you are trying to persuade the headteacher to replace the school bell with something more modern, music!

However, the letter is full of errors or leaves out certain features. Have a good look!

Then re-write it making some appropriate changes to make it both correct and more effective.

Mr Bean Fun!

Last week I had lots of feedback about how much everyone and their families had enjoyed the Mr Bean clip. So I've added another here, just for you to enjoy...

One of my favourites on how Mr Bean thinks we should drive...not a good idea!!surprise

Driving On The ROOF! | Funny Clips | Mr Bean Official

Bean finds a creative way to get home from the shops! Stay tuned: Welcome to the ...

Wednesday 21st October

Please don't forget our Teams meeting this morning at 9 o'clock.



We are continuing with our Statistics lessons today and we are looking at line graphs. Hopefully we will have a look at this task together in our Teams meeting too. 





Below is a comprehension for you to complete. Remember, those of you that work on Reading Eggs for Mr Brady have other comprehensions to work on higher up on this page.




For your Geography lesson today we are looking at the formation of beaches. Please watch the video clip, look at the PowerPoint and complete the task.

Tuesday 20th October




We are carrying on with our Statistics work today, still recapping from Year 4. Today we are going to be looking at comparisons between data and finding the sum of and difference between information presented to us. Once again, there is a challenge question for those of you who would like a little bit extra.

The Pet Graph



For our Grammar lesson today, we are looking at fronted adverbials. Please watch the BBC Bitesize video and then complete the task below. 



Mrs Copper has very kindly planned a music lesson for you to work through. Please read the information in the document below and follow the link to the video.

It has been great to see the work you have been doing at home

Monday 19th October




We are moving on from Addition and Subtraction this week, though we will return to this area of Maths  when we are back in the classroom altogether. This week we shall be looking at Statistics. We will begin with a recap of the work from Year 4. 


For those of you looking for a some more Maths to do, I have also added a couple of other problem solving tasks. Don't forget to play TTRockstars too. 



Please ask someone at home to test you on the spellings that you learnt last week. 


This week you will be looking at words with 'ough'. I have added a link to funny video that shows you just how complicated these words can be. Please learn these spellings for a test when we return to school. There is also a sheet for you to complete. 

I love Lucy english Pronunciation

Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube.



For Science this afternoon, I would like you to use the link below to find 2 activities: Changing State, Ice and Water and Changing Materials. These will help you to revise your Science knowledge on the unit we have covered this half term. 

Congratulations to Squirrels who won by 247 points

Arts Ambassadors


Mrs Smith has now added a page to the school website where you can find your tasks. 

Friday 16th October


Today we are going to look at using what we’ve learnt about rounding numbers and prices in the last three weeks and applying it to reasoning and problem solving.

First watch the Math Antics video on rounding.

Then complete the White Rose Worksheet Questions 6 to 9.

Lastly, complete the worksheet on Rounding Word Problems

Math Antics - Rounding

Learn More at Visit for more Free math videos and additional subscription based content!

White Rose Questions 5-7

Rounding and Word Problems


Hopefully you have had a chance to watch the video and now have a long lists of complaints!

You are now almost ready to start to draft your letter.

Before you do read the example letters here to make sure you know what it might look like.

Now use the second slideshow to help guide you step-by-step as to how to set things out.

Don't forget to demand compensation at the end. Good luck with that!!


Example letters of complaint

Slides on How to Write a Letter Part 2

Thursday 15th October


Today, continuing from last weeks work we are going to look at rounding large numbers to the nearest given value. To help you watch the video below and pause it and try the examples. Then try the first worksheet on Premier League Attendances.

Once you’ve done this, try the second White Rose Worksheet Questions 1-5


Come on Hedgehogs! We can still do this.


We are going to prepare and write a letter of complaint over the next two days. We are going to imagine you've been to stay in a hotel and been annoyed and upset by the behaviour of another guest (Mr Bean!) and would like you're money back!

Read through the slides on how to write a formal letter, then watch the video and make a list of things you could complain about!

Slides on How to Write a Letter

Mr.bean in Room 426 - FULL Episode 8 - Funny Clips - Mr Toon Official

Mr.bean in Room 426 - FULL Episode 8 - Funny Clips - Mr Toon Official Click below to subscribe:

Wednesday 14th October




For Maths today, we are putting together the work we have done on addition and subtraction. We are going to look at multi-step problem solving. Watch the video and the try the worksheet that follows. For those of you looking for an extension task, I have added a problem from Nrich for you to work on. 



For our Reading activity today, I would like you to watch the video of The Clock Tower and the answer the questions which follow. Remember to watch the film more than once so that you understand the message that the film maker wanted to tell you. I have also added an extension activity for those of you who would like something else to work on. 



Here is a lesson about Rivers for you. I know you began our work on Rivers last Wednesday with Miss Sykes; see what you can remember.

Tuesday 13th October




Today for Maths we are going to continue with our work on Subtraction, but today we shall be working with numbers which have more than 4 digits.





Don't forget the Battle of the Bands with Squirrels starts at 9:00pm. 



For your Grammar work this morning, I would like you to continue to look at Word Classes and complete the task below. 





Ms Ingamells has suggested some activities for you to do for P.E. . Click on the link below to see some of the fun ideas that you could work on. 

Come on Hedgehogs! We can win this. Please ask a parent to email Mrs Graves if you have misplaced your login details.

Internet Safety

Working from home is likely to mean more time spent on computers, tablets and the internet. Therefore it is incredibly important to ensure you are being safe whilst you are online. Please take some time to look at the slides below to make sure you are doing everything you can to stay safe!

Here are some other activities I would like you to have a look at, all aimed at keeping you safe on the internet.

Hello Everyone,

We hope you are well and ready for learning? We're sorry to say that owing to the current situation,

we have had to resort to home learning again. For the time being we will be using our class-pages to post work and activities for you to access. (please take a few minutes to explore what's here)

If you need any further help or guidance please let us know by sending us an e-mail.

Best Wishes and Good Luck, Mrs Graves and Mr Brady



Monday 12th October




For Maths today, we are going to continue with our work on subtraction. For these calculations there will be more than one exchange. Watch the video and the try the questions on the worksheet. For an extra activity, I have also added the question that we were looking at last week and another one. See if you can solve them. 



For your English today, I would like you to ask someone at home to test you on your spellings that you have been learning over the past week. Your new spellings for you to learn this week are saved below. 


I would then like you to complete the first 2 sheets of the activity based on the Year 5/6 Orange Spelling words. These are also saved below. 

Complete first 2 sheets only



Please follow the link saved below to the BBC Bitesize lesson on Materials. Complete the quiz at the end of the lesson to see how much you can remember about our topic this half term.

Class Bake Off Time ! smiley

One of your homework tasks was to bake a cake (an irreversible change!) 

If you would like to send me your images of your finished cakes please, we can post them here.

This will make everyone else jealous too!   They'll be a prize for the best on our return to school.

Good luck!



Class Timetable With Homework and PE Information



Reading will continue to play a major role in your child’s education this year and we will aim to organise reading books as soon as possible. Reading books will work a little differently this year. Hedgehog Class will get the opportunity to change their book once a week on WEDNESDAY. This is to allow for books to come in from all children and be quarantined for 72 hours before being put back in the boxes for borrowing.


For those children reading books of longer lengths this may not present any difficulty. For those reading books of a shorter length you may find that you are finishing your book before Wednesday. I shall be adding ideas of activities your child can do with their reading book to help him/her develop their understanding of the text further to the website. Your child may also read books from home; these books can be added to your child’s Reading Record and signatures for these books will count towards the expected minimum of 2 signatures per week.


Another opportunity for finding books to read is to join Boston Library online. From the following website you can access ebooks, eaudiobooks and emagazines for free. All you need is to be a member of the library (which is free to join) and a pin number which is available from the library. This is a fantastic resource and one I use regularly myself. All the information can be found at

We're Back!


Well, we have begun our new school year and it was wonderful to welcome our new Hedgehog Class back to school. Mr Brady and I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the pupils for such a positive start to the year. The class have returned with a good learning attitude and we have begun our journey on our year of what will be the new normal. Your child may have discussed some differences about our class with you, but we aim to work hard as always in Year 5, whatever we face, and we are looking forward to the year ahead.