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EYFS Mrs Tory

18.7.23 - We couldn't finish the year without squeezing in a visit from 'Asda Steve'!! He brought us some yummy fruit for us to make delicious fruit kebabs for our 'goodbye to Reception' picnic. The sun didn't shine, but we had fun preparing the food with all our friends and teachers.

13.7.23 - The children looked at images of art created by the nature artist Andy Goldsworthy. They used these images to inspire themselves to create their own art using some of his techniques.

11.7.23 - The children have spent time during the past few weeks making items to add to a time capsule. This included 'all about me' pictures and a piece of string measuring how tall they are now. A photograph of the class was added. Many of the children walk past the houses being built by Longhurst on Toot Lane and the company suggested we bury a time capsule on the new site. This will then be opened by the children when they reach Year 6. The children were invited to the building site to help bury the time capsule and meet some of Longhurst staff alongside our Headteacher Mrs Palmer, Mr Ailsby and Mrs Tory.

6.7.23 - After comparing the seaside in the past to the present day we noticed that clothes worn at the beach have changed quite a lot. We also learnt that eating ice-cream was as popular in the past as it is now. The children wrote their ice-cream order and queued for their ice-cream.

5.7.23 - As part of our Summer topic we looked at maps of our local area and noticed the features. We then looked at a map of Skegness and talked about our visits there. These involved lots of ice-cream eating and making sandcastles. We drew our own maps of our ideal place to visit. The children included rocks and lighthouses, beaches, lots of ice-cream shops and of course a toilet!

5.7.23 - During our Maths lesson we explored different materials to make bridges. We tested them by standing on them or placing objects on. If they broke we tried again with a different design.

3.7.23 - We talked about 'Summer Safety' today. We know to apply sun cream, wear a hat to keep the sun off our heads and drink plenty of water. We also discovered how to keep safe if we visit the seaside in the holidays. We went onto the playground and noticed how the sun cast shadows and drew around them.

29.6.23 - Releasing our butterflies today

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29.6.23 - Today we released our butterflies. The children had mixed feelings,they were excited to see them fly off, but also a little sad to say goodbye. Hopefully they will lay eggs around school and the lifecycle will continue.

29.6.23 - The children listened to the story of Mr Gumpy's outing.They then explored different animals and talked about how many legs they had. They used their addition knowledge to draw a boat just like Mr Gumpy's and added people and animals. The children wrote the corresponding number to match the amount of legs each animal/person had and then added the amounts together.

27.6.23 - Today the children completed week 2 of their bean diary. They observed the changes and then drew and wrote about them.

26.6.23 - Who knew being healthy could be so much fun!! Sports Day 2023

16.6.23 - This week during our Maths lessons we have been learning all about odd and even numbers. The children explored a range of activities to build up their knowledge which included sorting socks, drawing an 'odd' monster and using cubes.

15.6.23 - We planted sunflowers several weeks ago and the children have now taken them home. We shared how they were growing and then listened to the story of Katie and the Sunflowers. We have previously explored famous paintings and artists that were in the book. The character in the book went into the paintings and interacted with the people in each painting. The children chose a famous painting image with a partner and they drew and wrote what might happen if they went into the painting. There were lots of amazing ideas and when complete the children read them to the class!

14.6.23 - The children chose from a variety of ideas to create their own individual card to celebrate Father's Day.

9.6.23 - We finished the week with a fun way to strengthen our fingers and be creative.

8.6.23 - As part of our Topic 'The Great Outdoors' we learnt all about minibeasts micro habitats. With this information we went on a minibeast hunt. We could tick off caterpillars as they'd just arrived in our class, but we did also find some tiny white ones hiding on the underside of a leaf . As the weather doesn't know it should be warmer by now we had to search really hard for the minibeasts hiding from the colder weather. When we went onto the school field the sun started to shine and we spotted a bee and a butterfly amongst others.

8.6.23 - our tiny caterpillars have arrived!

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8.6.23 - We received a package today and inside was some wriggly little caterpillars.

7.6.23 - During our RE lesson today we looked at features of Christian churches. The children discussed their own experiences in churches such as Christenings and visiting at Christmas. We then looked at some of our local churches. The children observed the different stained glass windows and made their own to add to our classroom windows.

24.5.23 - Exploring shape during Maths activities the children made a quilt for Grandpa, just like the characters in the story.

22.5.23 - Today we explored forces and what happens when you pull or push. The children decorated and made spinners and were amazed at what happened when the string was pulled.

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18.5.23 - The children came to school today wearing green clothes for 'Wear it Green Day', as part of 'Mental Health Awareness Day'. This week also saw the children record how they arrived to school as part of 'Walk to school week'. The children talked about other ways to be healthy and showed each other their fitness ideas.

17.5.23 - The ambulance visit this week inspired lots of role-playing.

16.5.23 - Today we looked at famous paintings and the children noticed how different they were. Over the last few weeks children have noticed blossom trees on their way to school. We combined learning a new painting technique and the children's experiences to paint a blossom tree using the pointillism painting method.

15.5.23 - ambulance visit

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15.5.23 - The children were very excited to be invited to look inside Mrs Ladds ambulance today. The children listened as the role of an ambulance driver was discussed and then the exciting part.... the ambulance!! The children explored the ambulance and the equipment inside, they got to lay on the bed and pretended they had injuries which Mrs Ladds treated. Finally Mrs Ladds switched on the lights and sirens for us to see close up....VERY loud.

12.5.23 - As part of our Topic 'Our Community' we had a visit from our local PCSO Baker and PCSO Kosiba. The children asked questions about their role in our community and the PCSO's discussed their uniforms and equipment. The children then had the opportunity to try on some of the uniform, which they really enjoyed.

11.5.23 - The children listened to the story 'Delicious' and then tried two different types of soup. As part of their English writing task the children wrote what each soup looked like, what it tasted like and what vegetables they thought was in it.

10.5.23 - The children really enjoy listening to the adventures of Supertato. After listening to the story the children discussed their favourite part of the story, who their favourite character was and rated how much they liked the story. They drew pictures from their favourite part ๐Ÿฅ”

10.5.23 - We always refer to Our School Rules in Bunnies class and today the children discussed how they do this. There were some brilliant ideas๐Ÿ’ก

Our Dance part 2

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Our Dance

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Mฤori song

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5.5.23 - To celebrate King Charlies III coronation we chose the Commonwealth country of New Zealand as our focus. We learnt all about New Zealand and performed a song in the Maori language to our families and friends.

5.5.23 - The children looked at the piece of art by Henri Matisse - The Snail - and used different shapes to recreate their own interpretation.

3.5.23 - Now our cress has grown we used it as an ingredient for our egg and cress sandwiches. We peeled the eggs and buttered our bread and ate the delicious sandwiches in the sunshine. We later wrote instructions of how we made the sandwiches ๐Ÿฅš๐Ÿž

2.5.23 - Today we checked on the seeds we had previously planted. We checked if the cress seeds needed watering, counted how many leaves our sunflowers had now, and gave our grass heads a hair-cut or styling.

27.4.23 - Following our school trip to Tattershall Farm park the children wrote about their experience in our English lesson today. To celebrate our learning Mrs Palmer asked if we could display some examples outside her office.

26.4.23 - Tattershall Farm Park visit - the children had a great day which included taking goats for a walk, watching the Meerkats have their lunch and a bird display. The children were EXTREMELY excited to travel to the farm on a bus and talked about what they saw from the window, there was lots of 'Old McDonald had a farm' singing too!!

19.4.23 - This week we were visited by the Library van. Each child went onto the van to choose a book and share with the class.

31.3.23 - Today we went on an egg hunt. The children found an egg then opened them up to find a challenge. When the challenge was complete a chocolate egg was awarded.

29/30.3.23 - We were visited by some furry friends this week.

28.3.23 - During our Maths lesson this week the children were introduced to 'symmetry'. They painted onto one side of paper and folded it over before opening again to reveal the symmetrical painting.

Week beginning 27.3.23 - The children took part in an experiment to find out how different drinks/materials reacted to the eggs. The eggs were chosen as the shell is made of a similar substance to own teeth. We placed an egg into orange juice, coke and vinegar. We learnt that vinegar is an acid and some bacteria on our teeth can produce acid if not brushed away. The children made predictions to what might happen. We revisited the eggs at the end of the week and recorded our findings. The children were surprised to notice that the vinegar had dissolved the shell on the egg. The orange juice started to soften the shell and the coke had stained the egg brown/black.

Reception Trip to Tattershall Farm Park - Wednesday 29th April

Please see letter below for further details.

23.3.23 - As part of the topic 'Bigger than us' we have been exploring different vehicles and their purposes. The children looked and discussed the vehicle image and wrote sentences using their phonics knowledge.

22.3.23 - We recalled books that we have read that include a journey within the story, Lost and Found, Handa's Surprise, Whatever Next and Rosie's Walk. We discussed journeys that we have been on and what transport we used. We looked at maps of our local area and noticed our school and other local buildings (the children were very excited when they noticed Playtowers). We talked to our partners about our journeys to school and then drew a map to represent it.

15.3.23 - Bridges - the children looked at a variety of different bridges from around the world and then were surprised to see bridges that they have seen, and even driven or walked across in Boston. The children used the images as a base to create their own bridges from materials they found in the classroom. The bridges were tested with toy animals to see if they were strong.

13.3.23 - This week we are exploring 'construction', The children discussed images of different types of houses from around the world and then described their own houses. They used the fine paint brushes to recreate their houses 'I'm doing blue on this window because it's my bedroom and it's blue', 'This is my house, this is my Mum, this is my Dad, he's going up the stairs to bed'.

8.3.23 - We discovered that repeating patterns can be made in a variety of shapes with a range of resources.

7.3.23 - Our book of the week is Paper Dolls, written by Julia Donaldson. We decided to try and make some paper dolls just like the character did in the story. The children folded paper and cut very carefully before unveiling the paper dolls. They drew onto the dolls and gave them names.

6.3.23 - The children explored the properties of 3D shapes this week, noticing the 2D shapes within them. They molded playdough to recreate the shapes and discussed the characteristics.

2.3.23 - World Book Day - the children dressed as their favourite characters and shared a book with the Year 1 children. They took part in a competition to draw a dragon and made 'Book Buddys'.

1.3.23 - as part of World Book Day we took part in a Dance Workshop. We listened to the story 'How to catch a star' and followed the actions to re-tell the story.

28.2.23 - We have been looking at mixing different materials and what happens to them. The children worked in pairs to follow the recipe combining flour, salt, water and little food colouring. The children then used the dough to model dinosaurs as part of the topic 'Bigger than me'.

22.2.23 - the children used their ever increasing phonics knowledge to label the dinosaurs, comparing their differences and similarities. The children discussed why some dinosaurs had long necks and others had sharp teeth. The children watched a video explaining how fossils were formed and looked at some images of dinosaur footprints that have been found around the coast of Britain. We were able to look at a real ammonite fossil and then used items to press into saltdough to make our very own fossils.

21.2.23 - Today we celebrated Shrove Tuesday after learning that this Christian festival takes place before the beginning of Lent in the lead up to Easter.

10.2.23 - As part of our school's Ofsted celebration day and to mark the end of our Topic of Traditional Tales we enjoyed a Teddy Bears picnic. We brought our own teddies to school and took part in a dance session to the song 'When you go down to the woods today'. In the afternoon we made teddy bear sandwiches and joined all our friends for a picnic.

9.2.23 - As part of Safer Internet day the children worked in groups to answer the quiz questions from the book 'Oscar's Adventures in the Online World'. The children were proud to earn a certificate for their high scores.

8.2.23 - During our RE lesson the children learned about the special book for Muslims - The Qu'ran. They discovered as a sign of respect hands should be washed before handling the book and that it sits on a special stand. The children discussed in groups how their actions could make the world a better place, one of the teachings of the Qu'ran.

Trying out Baby Bears chair

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The children used a variety of resources to make a chair for Baby Bear after discovering that Goldilocks broke his.Some weren't so successful.

2.2.23 - How could we solve the Gingerbread Man's problem of crossing the river without accepting fox's offer?? "Build a bridge", "put some stepping stones across the river", and "build a road over it" were just a few of the children's ideas. We tested out some materials to see how they reacted when added to our pretend river and then chose materials from our observations to make a boat. We placed gingerbread men into the boats and observed if they managed to stay dry. We found the best boats were a large box with a plastic bag attached to the bottom that had high sides, a compacted, moulded piece of foil, and placing the gingerbread man into a sandwich bag stopped him from getting wet even when the boat sank.

31.1.23 - We know from the story of the Gingerbread Man that he doesn't want to go in the river and that is why he accepts the sneaky offer of a lift from the fox. We discussed why? What happens to biscuits when they are placed into liquids? We decided to test how the Gingerbread Men reacted to being placed into different liquids. The children made predictions as to what might happen. We were surprised to notice that the oil did not affect the Gingerbread Man and he stayed solid, the other liquids made the Gingerbread Man very soggy and his legs fell off. The water started to change from a clear liquid to a brown one.

30.1.23 - Run run as fast as you can.....can you guess our traditional story this week? The children worked together to combine the ingredients and we discussed healthier alternatives to sweet and sugary foods for the decorations to make our own gingerbread man. We made sure when they were taken out of the oven that they didn't run off...

25.1.23 - We have listened to lots of different versions of The Three Little Pigs story. We loved joining in saying 'little pigs little pigs let me come in'. We have been practicing using different voices to match the characters. We also used a variety of equipment to build houses, just like the three pigs. We wrote notes on our doors incase the wolf visited.

23.1.23 - the weather was very cold, but the children loved exploring the water in the tuff spot that had frozen overnight trapping lots of animals. They worked hard to free them and used the broken ice to make an 'icicle; house.

17.1.23 - Chinese/Lunar New Year - we decorated our classroom after learning how people celebrate Chinese/Lunar New Year. We made red lanterns as red is thought to bring luck. The children wrote down a wish each, which is a tradition that began hundreds of years ago, and tied it to an 'orange'. People threw them into a tree and if they became stuck the wishes were believed to come true. We hung them in our classroom. Later in the day we ate noodles and noticed how long they were, after learning that they represented a long life. Finally we opened our fortune cookies and our special red envelopes we had made, inside was a lucky golden coin.

16.1.23 - We have been exploring resources to practice adding together two amounts. The children worked in pairs and selected a numicon each, told each other the amount, and then combined them as they practiced their addition skills.

10.1.23 - As part of our Topic - Traditional Tales - Asda Steve visited us and helped us to make a loaf of bread each, just like the little red hen in the story we have read this week. We were much more helpful that the animals in the story and listened carefully to the instructions, then worked VERY hard to combine the ingredients and knead the bread.. The children took their bread home to share with their families and sent in some photographs enjoying it.

9.1.23 - Following on from listening to the story of the Little Red Hen we watched a video of our local windmill - The Maud Foster windmill. We then designed our own windmills and folded paper to make moving sails.

6.1.23 - We have started our new Topic - Traditional Tales - by listening to the story of The Enormous Turnip. The children cut up vegetables ready to make our own tasty soup. We discussed how the characters in the story worked together to pull up the turnip and we played a variety of games that worked better if we worked as a team.

14.12.22 - Christmas Party Day - Lots of dancing and games, then a party feast!! We had a special visitor back in the classroom, thank-you Santa for our gifts.

13.12.12 - Today was a very busy Christmassy day. We took part in Santa Dash games with Mrs Ingamells and then warmed ourselves with yummy hot chocolate and marshmallows. We then performed our Christmas songs to our families.

8.12.12 โ€“ Our cheeky little elves enjoyed a yummy Christmas lunch today on Christmas jumper day!

7.12.22 - Today we learnt the story of Hanukkah ๐Ÿ•Ž we completed the lesson by learning the hora dance.

6.12.22 - Today is St Nicholas day. After listening to the story all about St Nicholas the children found golden coins in their shoes when returning from their PE lesson. Children shared their experiences of finding sweets in their shoes this morning ๐Ÿซ ๐Ÿฌ

6.12.22 - today we had some special visitors at school. They were invited by Mrs Jenkins to welcome parents to the KS1 Nativity production. Mrs Jenkins kindly invited the children to come and meet the visitors ๐Ÿ‘

30.11.22 - Ready for the 1st of December and the start of our advent calendar the children were introduced to Twinkle our Kindness elf. Twinkle will be looking out for kind behaviour and will choose a child she has seen being kind to open the Gruffalo advent calendar. We listened to the story of the Elves and the Shoemaker and noticed how the elves in the book were kind too. We made puppets from the story and coloured and sequenced the pictures from the story. The children retold the story using their puppets.

28.11.22 - as part of National Tree Week we brought in leaves that we found on the way to school. We made rubbings with the graphite pencils and then drew the leaves after comparing the different colours, sizes and patterns ๐Ÿ ๐Ÿ‚ ๐Ÿƒ

21.11.22 & 22.11.22 - this week we invited staff from Hawthorn Tree Childrenโ€™s Centre to come and see how well the children have settled at school. The children were so excited to welcome their former key persons and were so proud to show them their classroom.

21.11.22 - to learn how to keep our teeth healthy we talked about what foods made our teeth happy and unhappy. We know that foods containing sugar are harmful to our teeth and sorted the foods into the correct plates. We later drew food items onto our own plates ๐Ÿฅฆ ๐Ÿฅ• ๐Ÿฅ› ๐Ÿ’ง ๐Ÿง€

15.11.22 - the children have been inspired by their previous learning when creating pictures using a variety of shapes. We saw the hungry caterpillar, fireworks and rockets ๐Ÿš€ among lots of other creations.

14.11.22 - the children have been enjoying using the portable notepads to use in their independent learning ๐Ÿ“

8.11.22 - during our Maths lessons we have been looking at 4 and 5. The children used the multi-link blocks to see how many different ways they could represent the amounts.

Week beginning 7.11.22 - this week we will commemorate Remembrance Day. We have made wreaths to lay after participating in the 2 minutes silence. We were kindly donated some soil and poppy seeds which we have sown and will plant in our outside area.

3.11.22 We have been getting ready for bonfire night, bonfire stories, bonfire safety, fireworks paintings and toasting marshmallows!

2.11.22 - Handaโ€™s Surprise book is one of our core texts. We now know the story really well and have engaged in different activities relating to the book. Today Asda Steve visited and brought fruits from the story for us to try, some for the first time. We predicted what the unusual fruits would look like inside, described the fruits, and then described the texture and taste as we ate them. Some of the fruits we REALLY liked and others not so much ๐Ÿ‘… We completed a survey in the form of a tally chart to find out which fruit was the most popular ๐ŸŒ ๐Ÿ ๐ŸŠ ๐Ÿฅ‘

1.11.22 - Today the children used their creative skills to paint their individual diya lamps. The children chose a variety of bright colours and added jewels to make them even more special. The lamps were complete when lights were added ๐Ÿ”ฅ

31.10.22 - Celebrations and Festivals -The children were excited to be back at school after half-term. We started our new topic by decorating our class with lights and making diya lamps to celebrate Diwali.

To end our terms topic โ€˜All About Usโ€™ we held an โ€˜EYFS are Greatโ€™ talent show. The children were amazing and showed they are all very talented. Here are just a few of the talents.

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17.10.22 - We spent the afternoon in the Autumn sunshine planting daffodil bulbs that Asda Steve kindly donated to us. After learning what other items grow from bulbs we drew pictures of the bulbs and hopefully what they will grow into. We look forward to our outside area being full of beautiful Spring flowers ๐Ÿ’

17.10.22 - The children were so excited to see themselves in the Boston Standard this week ๐Ÿ“ฐ

13.10.22 - During learning through play children from the Bunnies class built dens and pretended they were camping, toasting marshmallows and ordering food from a restaurant. Great imagination and teamwork!

11.10.22 - After exploring the findings from our 'favourite fruit' tally chart earlier in the term the children were very excited to discover that their teacher added a watermelon to her shopping list this week. The children were left asking for more....luckily it was a VERY large melon, enough for two days worth of snack.

7.10.22 - The children have been learning through a variety of activities how to brush their teeth correctly. They listened carefully to the dental nurse and then ordered the pictures into the correct sequence, before practicing brushing the model of teeth. They listened to the Duggee teeth brushing song to understand how long 2 minutes are.

5.10.22 - Harvest Festival๐Ÿฅฆ๐Ÿฅฌ๐Ÿฅ”๐Ÿ† we discovered that farmers โ€˜harvestโ€™ their crops in Autumn as the weather turns colder. They held celebrations with their families and their local community, helping out people in need. We have decided to help people in our local community by collecting food items to donate to the local food bank. We used our creative skills to design and make individual scarecrows that were unique....just like we are.

4.10.22 - during our PE lesson we played a variety of games as a group. We played Duck Duck Goose, remembering to make sure everyone had a chance to be the Goose. We used our listening skills when closing our eyes and pointing out who we thought was shaking the keys.

30.9.22 - This week we have been exploring AB patterns. The children chose a variety of materials to show their knowledge of repeating patterns. The children were very excited to welcome 'Asda Steve' into Bunnies class and he provided us with lots of different healthy (and delicious) fruits and skewers so we were able to make pattern fruit of all......we were able to eat them!!

28.9.22 - โ€˜Picture Newsโ€™ - we find out what is happening in the world via Picture News. This week we discussed what is fair? We found out that postal workers have joined together to share how they are feeling by striking. We played games outside and decided if it was fair for some children to throw the ball with one hand from a distance, when others could move closer with both hands. The children continued the games during their choosing time, showing their understanding of fairness.

26.9.22 - To find out more about our new classmates we have shared some of our favourite things. We discussed our favourite fruits and completed a tally chart to show our findings ๐Ÿ‰

Parent's EYFS information powerpoint meeting

22.9.22 - the tomatoes ๐Ÿ… that we planted last school year have now turned red so the children picked them and used the knives carefully to cut them into pieces. The children showed how they are building relationships with peers by sharing the tomatoes...delicious.

21.09.22 - Today we explored tall and short during our Maths lesson. We built using the waffles and persevered until they were taller than us. Later we measured how tall we were on our class chart and will measure again later in the year.

Week beginning - Monday 12 September - our first full week at school has been jam packed. We have began our reading journey by learning the sounds for letters 'm', 'a', 's', and 't'. We have enjoyed a range of activities from rhyming, to strengthening our fingers with playdough and tweezers to help our emerging writing, to making new friendships. The weather has been beautiful with the first signs of Autumn, and we have been collecting leaves at break-time that are starting to fill the playground. There has been lots of imaginative play in our outside area. The empty car garage was turned into a house, the bridge transformed into an amazing structure, and the blackboards and net were adapted into a den. We have discovered that the plants that the now Year1 children planted last year are home to LOTS of caterpillars. The children used magnifiers for a closer look. Lots of ideas and lots of teamwork on show!!

Please find the Reception Baseline Assessment leaflet for parents. We will be working on this with individual children over the next few weeks.

Our First Day at School.

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