We have places available in some year groups! Please contact us for more details.

Year 2 Mrs Jenkins

Term 4 Week 2 online learning.

Dunelm's kindness campaign

Some of our fabulous Animal Fact Files by Dawid and Gracie-May

Term 4 Week 1 online learning.

Tuesday 23rd March. A few photos from our virtual visit to Rand Farm Park today.

World Book Day 3rd March 2021

World Book Day 3rd March 2021


Although we are not in school this year for this event, we can still celebrate World Book Day.  I will be posting a section of activities nearer the time for you to access under a World Book section.

Arts Charity Settle Stories has offered schools the opportunity to access a free online story performance, which we will be showing in school.   However, as many of you are at home I have attached a link so that you can book the same performance.  This will begin at 9.30 a.m and finish at 10.15 a.m  therefore, our teams lesson for that day will be slightly shorter from 10.15 until 11.  This is optional but I am sure everyone will enjoy the performance.  Thank you

Home learning pack collection

The next packs are for the weeks beginning February 22nd and 1st March.

Year 2 parents can collect packs between 2.00 and 2.45 on Thursday 11th February.

Please keep these packs safe and unused until after half term.

When you collect the new packs please return the current learning packs (weeks 5 and 6) to school where they can be checked.

Please keep all the work for Friday at home so it can be completed in the live lesson and over the day, this can be returned with the next pack.

Thank you 

BBC Bitesize

For your information, CBBC broadcast three hours of primary school programmes from 9am every weekday. They include BBC Bitesize Daily, as well as other much-loved shows with an educational twist, such as Our School, Celebrity Supply Teacher, Horrible Histories and more. You can also get stuck in with collections of educational resources hand-picked from BBC Bitesize and the wider BBC, including collections for other subjects such as Science, History and Geography. Our best Primary content is organised by topic or theme to make it easy for you to find.


TV - programming for primary school pupils will be on CBBC between 09:00 and 12.00 every weekday. Includes lessons full of videos, quizzes and practice activities to help you with home learning, whilst having Fun.

Please find link below.

Home learning week 6

February 8th - 12th 2021

Mental health week

On Friday you can dress to express (yourself)

Home learning week 5

1st Feb - 5th Feb 2021

Important message

The learning packs for weeks 5 and 6 can be collected from school on Thursday 28th January between 2 and 2.45pm.

Please return ALL learning packs from week 3 and 4 to school at the same time.

These will then be safely stored and checked by your child's class teacher.


If you are struggling for books to read then Boston library can help!  Please check the information below.

Boston Library

The library is currently closed for browsing and computer use, although you can still take books back.  However, you can also go to the library to collect books you have already reserved via the website. Use the link below -



You can also use your library card to download ebooks and audio books onto a tablet.  Use the same link as above, and click on the ebook section – there’s a guide there to tell you exactly how to do it, but ask an adult to help you.

If you’re not a member of the library, you can still join online!  It’s free. Use the link below -

Posted 25.1.21

Check out the 'Virtual School Library' in our additional learning section.

Science investigations


I have just added 2 videos to the Science icon section which are based around our topic on materials.  They introduce you to some investigations/experiments you can easily carry out home.  Have a go and see what you find out!

Learning for children attending school in the week beginning 25th January


In week 4 English, beginning 25th January, children will be creating a family tree.  Please could you help your child with some research about some family members.  It could be immediate family with just parents/brothers/sisters/Grandparents or you could go into more detail with extended family.  They will need information like name, age/date of birth, where they were born, what they may have done as a job and any other interesting information they might like to share about their family.  Photographs could be photocopied and used if they wish to bring those in and add to their work. 

Thank you in advance.


Mrs Jenkins


Posted 11.1.21: Important notice: 

The next set of learning packs (For Monday 18th to Friday 29th) are to be collected on Thursday 14th January between 11.00 - 11.45.

When you collect the learning packs, please also return ALL completed work from the previous learning pack, so I am able to  mark it. I look forward in seeing all of your wonderful learning! 


Take care and stay safe!

Mrs Jenkins

Free eBooks from Oxford Owl

Free eBooks from Oxford Owl - please follow the instructions to access lots of books for your child to read online.

Online PE

Don't forget to log on and try out some of the online PE activities at Jasmine/Real PE.

You had a letter in your home learning pack this week, with details of how to log on and your personal username and password that allow you to enter the site and try out the amazing tasks and fun challenges.

Let me know if you have misplaced your username or password as I have a copy of them from Mrs Ingamells.

Have fun!!

Home learning week 3

18th - 22nd January

Wednesday 6.1.2021


Today's live lesson will be English.

We will be talking about emotions - happy, sad, frightened, jealous etc. Then we will use sub-headings to write about a time we have felt that way and why.

Please write your work on the lined paper (with the LO for emotions at the top) from your home learning pack OR lined paper at home.


Morning lesson   This lesson was originally planned for Tuesday but will now be completed as this mornings lesson.

Wednesday afternoon


Thursday 7.1.2021



My body crossword

Goals for 2021. Think about three things you would like to achieve in 2021. It could be learning to do joined up handwriting, swimming without armbands, learning to ride a bike or a million other amazing goals. Write and draw your goals on the balloons.

Thursday Maths

Thursday afternoon 


Today we are thinking about a place that is special to us.

You can think on your own or talk to a grown up/sibling about your special place.  It might be your bedroom, a place of worship, a den you have made, a place you have visited, somewhere in school or your garden or home.

Look at the RE sheet and read through it (with a grown up).

Draw a picture of yourself in your special place and write what makes it special to you.

RE - special place worksheet

Friday 8.1.2021


Different sentence types Power Point

Sentence sort. Can you cut and stick to sort the sentences into the correct set? Questions, exclamations, commands or statements.

Friday afternoon

Complete the well-being colouring sheet for 2021 and then draw and write what you think will happen in 2021 - try to be as positive as you can.

The Nativity Photos

Jokes For Nativity Play

Hawthorn Tree Primary School, Year 2 Jokes

This video is privatised specifically for you guys. This video is not public on youtube.

Mrs Jenkins, Nativity Play.

Hawthorn Tree Primary School, Year 2.

Priavtised Link specifically for you guys. This video is not public on youtube.

Monday 30.11.2020

Last day of isolation!!


This will be our 'live' Teams lesson at 10 O'clock for Group A and 11 O'clock for Group B.

Hansel and Gretel Power Point and a follow up sheet on characters and noun phrases to describe them.


Group A use the video to help you work through the problem sheet 1

Monday afternoon


Complete the work on using is or are in sentences. Can you write some interesting sentences of your own using is and are correctly?

Gonoodle dances

Y2 timetable for home learning 24.11 - 27.11.2020

Good morning. We have sent home some of the work we had managed to print off for this week with the children who were still in school, in a plastic wallet, as we know some of you have not got access to a printer.  They should all have received two reading books as well.

We will also put the sheets on the website. Please don't use the sheets until the designated day (when we have completed the input on Teams or we have put the explanation on the website for the task). 

We will start Teams as soon as possible. Please use the groupings we have sent out already (A and B) for live lessons. Please make sure your child is ready for the lesson and that they have the correct follow up sheet and a pencil to complete the work.  I will be in touch through Teams and the work will be posted on the website as soon as possible.

Like last time please message through seesaw if you have any queries or concerns. We will do Maths and English daily (one on Teams and one with the work on the website) and a foundation subject for the afternoon session.  A timetable for the sessions has now been provided.

Stay safe and keep in touch.  Thank you


Tuesday 24.11.2020

English lesson - follow up work and video of 'The little shoemaker'.

Character portraits - The little shoemaker

Spellings: Please test your children on the spellings for Tuesday.  I have included some extra Spelling sheets for your child to practise alongside the spellings they are learning.  The children know which group they are in so please get them to complete Mrs Jenkins or Mrs Smith's spellings.
Spelling follow up for Tuesday 24th November.

Please start with Sheet 1 on making amounts. Instructions are given on the first sheet. The work gets harder so please try what you can. Finally there is a challenge to complete too.


Tuesday afternoon - life cycles

Life cycle of a frog - cut and stick the pictures and put them in the right order. Label each picture.

Watch/read the Power point about the human life cycle.

Draw and label the life cycle of a human.

Animals and their offspring. Can you find the correct names of adult animals and their young. For example an adult alligator (female is a cow) has hatchlings. Can you draw and label some adult animals and their young?

Wednesday 15.11.2020


Watch the video of 'The little shoemaker' again. Think about the magic shoes that are in Mr Botte's shop. If you had magic shoes what would they do? What would they look like? Design and label your own magic shoes and write a description of what they are made from and what they can do.

Today's maths is to recap and consolidate column addition and subtraction.  The worksheets are to be completed after the live teaching lesson.  There are two difficulty levels and we will advise you during the session which one your child should have a go at.  By all means, complete both sheets if you wish.  

Wednesday afternoon

Grammar - verbs

Read the Power point to find out about verbs then do the worksheet and play the verb game.

Phonics practice


Practice the words on the Power point by sounding them out using your phonics. Remember the monster words are NOT real words but can be sounded out!



Watch the video of 'The little shoemaker' again, so you know the story really well. Next use the storyboard sheets from your pack to retell the story. Remember to use some of the great adjectives you had for your character portraits too. The last box is for you to draw and tell the final part of the story.


Problem solving continued. Read the question. carefully There are two steps to this word problem.

Thursday afternoon


Today we will be looking at what animals and humans need to survive.  Look at the PowerPoint on what animals need and complete the activities posted below.  Once you have finished then how about choosing an animal to research.  What does your animal need to survive? what is its habitat? what is its baby called?
Interactive/online maths game



Look at the advert that Mr Botte had for his shoe sale (on the sheet in your pack). Why didn't this work for him? Look at the example shoe adverts. Can you design a poster to advertise Mr Botte's magical shoes so he makes lots of money? Think about the size and colour of the words you use and the pictures and information that you include on your poster. I am really looking forward to seeing them!


Please use this sheet to go with the lesson on Friday and we will work on it together.

Find the difference continued. There are 3 levels of difficulty in theses sheets folowed by a challenge activity. Choose the one you think will challenge you. You can do more than one if you wish too.

Friday afternoon


Watch the video clips about Hanukkah. Read the information about Hanukkah and how Jewish people celebrate then complete the work. There is a Hanukkah word search for you to try too.

Friday's interactive/online game

Smalltown Superheroes

Maths Money Games 24th November
Lantern Competition

E-mail contact details for the teaching team, in school hours, are;


Homework task. On your return to school we will be writing firework poems. Please complete this homework sheet to help you with the task.

Wednesday 21st October
English lesson - prefixes

Prefixes work - 1. Read the sheet about prefixes with an adult then complete the tasks. 2. Sort the words onto the grid by asking yourself which prefix you can use - un or dis.

Wednesdays interactive online game

RE: Recap the Exodus story and read the Moses letter first.


Imagine you are leaving Egypt with Moses.

Write a letter to a friend, describing your journey and the different feelings you might be going through.

Thursday 22nd October 2020
English lesson - Oliver's fruit salad by Vivian French

Oliver's Fruit Salad 001

Mrs Herring reading the story of Oliver's Fruit Salad.

Oliver's Fruit Salad


Read the information about the Jewish festival of Sukkot. As part of their celebrations Jewish people build a Sukkah hut to eat their meals inside, so they can see the stars above them. Some Jewish people live in their Sukkah for 7 days. Your challenge is to make your own Sukkah hut. It could be a small one made from Lego, lolly sticks or twigs from the garden OR a large one that you can get inside!! Don't forget to decorate your Sukkah with leaves and fruits. Mrs Bray and I are really looking forward to see how you complete the challenge. Photos PLEASE!


Holiday 'Extras'

Spaghetti poem by Kacper. Have a listen to Kacper's fantastic poem. Well done!

Still image for this video

Great Poetry too Olivia

Still image for this video

Some more amazing work by the children!

Learning Support

As I'm sure you are aware some children in every class require some differentiated learning activities to help them maintain the same sense of achievement as their peers. If you know this is the case for your child or you are referred to this section, this is where we will be posting activities for these children.

Oxford Reading Tree scheme has a wonderful selection of eBooks to access free. All you need to do is click on the link and sign up. There are lots to choose from for all ages and abilities. Let me know what you think and feel free to post some videos of the fantastic reading on Seesaw. Thank you

Please find some a power point regarding E-Safety along with some computing design activities for the afternoon.

So proud of all the children and the work they are sending in. Here are some examples of their hard work!

Some more fabulous reading by Grace and Kacper. Well done

Still image for this video


Still image for this video

Some amazing work coming in already from Olivia! Well done. Lovely to see the photographs. Thank you

Fabulous reading by Olivia. Well done! Very impressed as is Mrs Kadar

Still image for this video
A fantastic example of reading uploaded to Seesaw which I am able to keep in the children's individual reading record folder. Please continue to send in. Thank you

Kacper has been working hard. Well done!

Sofia keeping active after completing all her hard work. Well done.

Still image for this video

Good morning Fox Cubs Class.

I hope you are all well and eager to learn - I will try my best to put up some videos later in the week but these are the lessons we would have been doing in school. Just try your best!

This morning we are going to learn about VERBS.

Verbs are doing words - playing, typing, singing, running, waving... If you start a sentence with I can then add a verb it should make sense.

I can sleep in my bed.     I can catch a ball.     I can cook tea.

If it doesn't make sense following I can, it's probably NOT a verb

I can chair.     I can flower.     I can big. 

Can you think of any other verbs? - think about all the things you can do, these are verbs.

Look at the page called ABC poem and follow the instructions.

Monday 12.10.2020

ABC poem for 12.10.2020

Verbs Power point for Monday 12.10.2020

12.10.2020 Follow the instructions on each page to complete your maths for today.

Tuesday 13th October

English work Tuesday 13.10.2020 Read the ABC poem and then write your own. Your poem should be based on the ABC poem from Monday using some of the verbs you wrote in a list. Write a DRAFT first which you can then change/improve before you write your FINAL poem onto the ABC poem paper and illustrate it. I am looking forward to reading your poems!

Number Bonds Please watch supporting video and power point.

14.10.2020 Read the Spaghetti poem. Copy the last verse out onto the paper so you have all three verses together. NOW for the fun part! Practice saying the poem (with a grown up or brother or sister or on your own) until you know it by heart. Ask someone to video you saying the poem and send me a copy. I would love to hear/see you perform this funny spaghetti-filled poem!!

Wednesday 14th October
Wednesday 14th October.  Add or Subtract 1's

In Science we are looking at healthy living and as part of this we will be looking at healthy food. Please could you keep a food diary over the next week so that you can place your item of food in the correct section of the food pyramid. There is a power point to help you remember which food belongs in each section (please label each section). If you do not have a printer I am happy for you to design your own diary and pyramid. Thank you

Thursday 15th October

Thursday - Noun Phrases. Watch the Power point and the short video clip embedded in the worksheet to help you.

Thursday 15th October.  10 more or 10 less.

Mrs Bray has been busy preparing your next RE lesson. She has included two stories about The Jewish Festival Sukkot and a missing word followed by a quiz to complete.

Friday 16th October

Friday's English. Once upon a picture. Look carefully at the picture, talk about what you can see with an adult/brother/sister. Can you answer the questions? You can write your answers down or tell them to a grown up.

Add and Subtract tens.

Grammar work. Verbs

P.E is normally on a Tuesday and Thursday afternoon.  Here are some fun activities that your child can access during this time.
Remember to stay active and try out one of the PE activities or one of your own at least twice a week!  What can you do at home to get your body moving?

Monday 19th October


English lesson - Adjectives

Read and complete the adjectives work sheet.

The next page is an advert. Your task is to draw/design a new Halloween costume and use some POWERFUL adjectives to encourage people to buy it.

You can use the sheet I have provided or make your own.

I am really looking forward to seeing your spooky costumes and reading your amazing adjectives! Will you encourage me to buy your costume???

Adjectives worksheet and Halloween advert.

Halloween word search

Monday's interactive/online game

To complete our work on Poland here is an activity where we are looking at Christmas in Poland and making comparisons.

Tuesday 20th October


English lesson - Halloween acrostic poems

Can you write an acrostic poem about Halloween? Remember our Autumn acrostic poems where each sentence had to start with the first letter of the word AUTUMN. 

This is the same but each sentence has to start with the letters that spell HALLOWEEN! All the lines in the poem should be about Halloween too.

I have included two word mats to help you with ideas, two example poems (so grown-ups can see what we mean) and a HALLOWEEN sheet to write your poem on but if you would rather make your own that is great.

Tuesday's interactive/online game
Spellings. Please test your child on their spellings for the current week.  
Watch the video on how humans stay healthy:

Create your own hand washing poster then cut and stick the hand washing instructions or create your own using the instructions from the sheet.

Using Base 10 to help us understand place value in maths.

We have now completed our collage to represent our class.. Fantastic Foxcubs

Here is an overview of our Autumn term curriculum.

Hello and welcome to Fox Cubs Class 2020.


We understand that it may have been a very difficult time for many families and the children will have had very different experiences over the past weeks. We will, of course, be continuing with lessons BUT for the first days (at least) we will also be concentrating on settling the children in, getting used to new routines, catching up with friends and ensuring a really positive start to Y2.


Due to Covid restrictions  we will not be holding any face to face discussions with parents, however, if you need to speak to me or Mrs Bray please contact the school to arrange a time for a telephone 'meeting'.


There will be a Y2 newsletter soon - but these are just a few reminders for Fox Cubs Class.

PE - Tuesday and Thursday (weather permitting as all lessons will be held outside)

Your child will need PE kit AND shoes appropriate for outdoor PE - shorts, T-shirt, joggers and a long-sleeved top with plimsolls or trainers (if they bring trainers they MUST be able to get them on and off independently - tying their own laces, please).

Spelling tests - Tuesdays


Please note that we will no longer be having Golden time every Friday for half an hour - BUT it will be replaced by a 'Golden afternoon' at the end of each term. Children will be able to use toys and equipment in school but WILL NOT be allowed to bring in toys from home - due to Covid 19.


We are really looking forward to welcoming you back to our Hawthorn Tree family on Thursday.

Mrs Jenkins and Mrs Bray