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Monday 22nd February



A new topic for us in Maths this term and that is Fractions. Now, please remember FRACTIONS ARE FRIENDS! They are brilliant at telling you what to do and you will see when you start to get to know them how helpful they are. What you will also find is that knowing your times tables is essential for understanding fractions so it is time to get playing TTRockstars once again if you have had a little break. 


Many of our lessons will be recapping previous Key Stage 2 work on Fractions as it was this time last year that school life began to be a little different. With that in mind, today's lesson is all about what a fraction is.




Adapted Maths


As I have said above, it is time for a new topic in Maths this term. For the adapted learning today, we are going back to thinking about what unit fractions and non-unit fractions are.



In this lesson, we will investigate the two suffixes -ent and -ant, including noticing some pattern with word class and letter sounds. We will also review some of the spelling rules for other suffixes. This is an online lesson from Oak Academy.

Adapted English


Miss Sykes group will have your spellings from RWI to work on this morning.



What an exciting time it has been for Earth's neighbour planet with the Space Rover Perseverance landing on Mars last week. If you haven't heard about it, click on the link below to find out more. 

In today's lesson, we will be finding out all about stars and star constellations, which are my favourite things to look for in the night sky. This is an online lesson, but you have the supporting sheets in your packs.

If you are having trouble accessing the video on stars and constellations within the Oak Academy lesson, here is a separate link.