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Tuesday 12th January

Tuesday 12th January


Examples of My ____ says... poems

Use some strips of paper (like we did for Monday's poem) to write sentences. Choose someone you know really well - mum, dad, brothers, sisters, friends, grandparents... And think about things they say to you A LOT! Use the same format as for Monday's poem to write your own 'Overheard' poem. You could practice reading it and send in a video of you saying your poem out loud!


Times tables using 2, 5 and 10's

Tuesday afternoon

Spelling test

Please test your child on the spelling sheet they have currently - j sounds in words.

Read out the spellings in a different order for extra challenge!

I have put the follow up work on for the 'ing' list of words that they had in week 9 - they can do this work as practice and revision.

I understand that this means they didn't have a spelling test in week 1 but am sure they won't mind too much.

The next spelling test (19th January) will be on words containing an apostrophe - the work will also be about these words.

New spelling sheets will be in the next home learning pack and also on the web page.

Spelling follow up for Mrs Jenkin's group. Please test your child's spelling at home. Mrs Bray's group have their work in the pack.

Spelling sheet - contractions using an apostrophe.

Story Time

Online game