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Wednesday 13th January 2021

Wednesday 13th January 2021


English ONLINE Task

Today we are going to using the Robot KWL grid, so please make sure you have this printed off or have drawn your own. You are going to be filling this out on what you think you already know about robots and what you would like to learn about robots. For example: Why were robots invented? What do we use robots for? What are robots made out of? Etc. 


Today you are to complete the two 4 timetable activities, first to complete the ‘4 Times Table Activities’ sheet and then this will support you with completing the ‘4 Times Table Multiplication Wheels’. These activities are attached below.


We are continuing to look at robots in art and below is a robot activity sheet with different instructions on. Firstly, it’s asking you to draw the robot with your normal writing hand and then with your opposite hand. Today’s activity is to get your to draw the same robot but using different techniques. ENJOY!