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Tuesday 2nd February


Today's live lesson is English. We will start off with phonics and we will then begin to compare our two key texts 'The Smartest Giant in Town' and 'The Giant of Jum' using a Venn diagram. See you soon!

Using the online resource from yesterday look at lots of ways of making tens and ones by choosing a number between 1 and 50 and encouraging your child to make it either by using the online resource or by grouping objects into groups of tens and ones. Remember to continue to practise your daily count to 50 using Jack Hartman.



Today we would like you to test some materials from around your home to see if they are waterproof.


Watch the PowerPoint to give you some ideas and to see how you can test the materials.

You will need a small piece of foil, cling film, greaseproof paper, some fabric (a tea towel or any small piece of fabric will do!) and, if you have it, some tissue paper. In order to test the materials, you will need to stretch (or place) the materials over a cup and secure them with an elastic band. 


Please complete your written task before you carry out the experiment as you I am interested in your predictions!


We would love to see some photographs on Seesaw of your investigation!


Here is a story for you to enjoy. Just follow the link.

Benji Davies reads Grandad's Island

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