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Starting School

At Hawthorn Tree, we use the Lincolnshire County Council Admissions Policy as set out on their website; There is a coordinated scheme for admission to reception through the Local Authority.


Children are admitted into the school’s Foundation Unit for their Reception Year in the September following their fourth birthday up to the School’s Admission Limit of 16. We like to know well in advance of possible new entrants so please encourage your friends to enter their child’s name as early as possible. Government rules state that parents of children seeking admission to the Reception Year must make an application through the coordinated system operated by Lincolnshire County Council, even if parents have already contacted the school.


Oversubscription criteria for Reception (distance is driving distance):

In accordance with the 1996 Education Act, the allocation of school places for children with a statement of special educational needs will take place first. 

The oversubscription criteria below are listed in order:

A. The child is in the care of the local authority.

B. There is a brother or sister at the school who will still be attending when the child is due to start.

C. The school is the nearest one to the home address.

D. The distance from the home to the school, priority will be given to the child living closest the school


The County Council shall decide which children will be admitted in accordance with county and school policy.


Parents have the right to appeal if a place at the school cannot be offered.


Please refer to the “Going to School in Lincolnshire” booklet or visit


If parents would like to look round the school before their child is admitted or have any queries on admissions, please feel free to contact the school.


Mid Year Admissions

To find out more about Mid Year Admissions and how to apply please visit the Lincolnshire County Council's Website - Mid Year Admissions


Our published admission number is 60 children.