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Monday 25th January

In English this week we are going to be looking at Family Trees and creating our own.  Today we will discuss what a family tree is and how we are going to plan our tree out ready for our final piece of work.  This will involve research,  talking to your families and finding out all about them.

Today's up work - Pictograms scale 2, 5 and 10. Look carefully at the key to see what each ___ represents.


Try an investigation of your own to help you complete the sheet on finding the best material to use for Harley's new coat.  Use the sink or a bowl and collect some materials from around the home.  Make sure you check with your families first!

Once you have completed your investigation then have a go at completing the sheet and explaining what you have done and your results.

Complete the sheet in your child's pack. Use the word bank on the back of your sheet to help you with vocabulary.



Have a look at the power point about Belonging in my family.  Every family is different but yours is special to you for different reasons.  Have a look at the work sheet about  Belonging and try to remember special times when you felt loved, protected and cared for.

You will have a loose worksheet about Belonging in my family in your work packs.