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EYFS Mrs Herring

20.5.24 Today PCSO Williams came to vist us in school. She talked about all the jobs that the police do and how important they are. PSCO Williams said their most important job is to help people.

17.5.24 Today we have ‘played’ at being doctors, receptionists, nurses and health care workers.

14.5.24 Today we have had a visit from Asda Steve. He brought lots of fruit which we peeled, chopped and sliced to make a fruit salad. It was delicious!

13.5.2024 Today Mrs Ladds came to visit with her ambulance. The children got to go inside the back of the ambulance and listen to Mrs Ladds tell them what some of the machines were for. The children also got to have their (pretend) injuries treated.

8.5.24 Today we read story of the Messy Magpie and then we talked about recycling and re-using things. Next we used lots of boxes, tubes, scraps of paper, straws and elastic bands to make our own musical instruments.

3,5.24 Today we have used the 2d shapes to make our own pictures and used the Numicon pieces to complete the pictures on the cards. We had to turn them to match the right pieces.

2.5.24 Today we have cleaned and moved all the older pieces of the climbing frame so we can use it to build with outside. We also got to have a go on our new climbing frame.

30.4.24 Today all the children took home a bookmark that Raimonds made for the sea creature book mark competition in Book week. Well done Raimonds on being chosen as the winner for Ducklings class.

30.4.24 Enjoying a lovely afternoon playing outside with friends and a sneaky look at our new climbing apparatus.

29.4.2024 Today we have had a fantastic trip to Tattershall farm park. The children saw and fed lots of different animals, walked a goat, played in the outdoor play area and the indoor soft play.

17.4.2024 We have used instruments to make sounds to accompany the story -We’re going on a bear hunt.

April 2024 we have been planting seed potatoes. We are going to look after them and watch them grow.

7th March- World Book Day! The children enjoyed dressing up as their favourite book characters today and sharing stories with the year one children.

Wednesday 6th March- The children had a visit from the West End Theatre School company this morning where the children learnt to tell a story through dance for World Book Day. The children had an amazing morning, learning different ways to move their bodies and how to tell a story with no words.

Wednesday 6th March. The children had some fluffy visitors today in the outside area. The children learnt about where the sheep live, what they eat and were able to ask lots of questions. The children were able to feed the sheep and stroke the sheep.

A newsletter from The Lincolnshire Smiles Project.

19.2.2024 Today we had a belated Pancake day celebration. The children designed their own pancakse and then used the design to create their own pancake choosing from a variety of delicious toppings. Yummy!

9.2.2024 Today we celebrated The Lunar New Year with our very own Dragon dance!

6/7.2.2024 This week we have been learning all about The Lunar New Year (Chinese New Year). We made lucky red envelopes with a chocolate coin inside and decorated paper lanterns. We helped to clean the classroom and wipe down all the tables ready for our celebration. We then had a Chinese feast of noodles, vegetable rice, prawn crackers and we even got to share a fortune cookie with a friend.

1.2.2024 Today we reread the Gingerbread man story and talked about how the naughty fox ate the Gingerbread man when he needed to cross the river. We decided to build some boats of our own for our Gingerbread men to cross the water so they wouldn't get eaten by a fox.

30.1.2024 We are reading the story of the Gingerbread man. Yesterday we made our own Gingerbread men and today we decorated them and then ate them for our morning snack. Delicious!

24.1.2024 Today we thought about helping others. We talked about helping wildlife near our school too and decided to make some bird feeders to help feed the birds during the winter. We threaded cereal onto pipe cleaners to hang in the trees and rolled balls of cooking fat in seeds to put into the metal bird feeders in the sensory garden.

22.1.2024 Today we have been looking at climate change and how the glaciers and polar ice caps are melting so animals don't have places to live and the seas and oceans are rising. We had to rescue some animals from ice. We used cold and then warm water to free them.

17.1.2024 Today Steve from Asda came to visit and we made 'bread in a bag'. It was hard work kneading the dough but we persevered. Once it had proved the adults baked it and we got to taste a slice and then take the rest home.

16.1.2024 Today we have continued our work on The Little Red Hen. We designed and made our own windmills like the ones from the story.

10.1.2024 Today we had Boston tennis club come to do a taster session with EYFS. We loved playing the ball games and practicing hitting the ball over the net.

Spring term 1 - Curriculum overview

3rd January- In PE the children learnt some new games with the parachute including popping the popcorn and fruit salads. The children enjoyed bouncing the balls off as the popcorn popped and running underneath the parachute.

3rd January 2024- The children made chocolate crispy cakes within our maths lesson where they followed instructions. The following day the children had to order the steps and label them 1-6 to make a recipe for another child to follow. The children enjoyed eating the cakes during snack time!

18th December 2023- Christmas party day!

13.12.2023 Today we celebrated Christmas at school with a yummy Christmas dinner in our fancy hats!

7th December- today in maths we continued working on number pairs to 5, and looking at one more and one less than numbers to 5. We had fun outside playing buses, and worked out how many children were on the bus each time one got on or off!

7th December- This afternoon we learnt about Saint Nicholas. We found out that in Germany and the Netherlands children put out their shoes the night before St Nicholas day and found they were filled with small treats on the morning. To our surprise after yoga today, we found chocolate coins in our shoes!

6th Decembeer 2023- The children had a visit from some sheep for the Key Stage 1 production. They got to stroke the sheep and feed them some biscuit!

5th December 2023- Today the children have been making models of 4 and 5 cubes to see how many different ways they could do it. Then they practised writing the numbers four and five.

21.11.23 Today we read the story of The Elves and the Shoemaker. After the story we did some threading (like sewing shoes from the story), designed and made outfits ton reward the Elves for their help and did some magic painting using white wax and watery paint.

The children had an exciting visitor today, Pudsey bear!

13th November- The children have spent the week learning about Diwali, the Hindu festival of lights. We discussed different celebrations the children may have taken part in and thought of any similarities there might be with Diwali. The Children have made their own Diya lamps which they will paint and decorate. We will use the lights to decorate the classroom as well as the children’s rangoli patterns. Throughout the week the children have learnt a dance move for a traditional Diwali dance which they will perform at the end of the week.

10th November- Over the week we discussed the importance of remembrance day so that the children could understand how and why we celebrate Poppy Day. The children made poppy wreaths which they would present in the classroom during the two-minute silence to remember the soldiers who fought in the war.

7th November- Within our maths sequence the children have learnt about numbers 0-5. We played a variety of games to accurately use each number to ensure a clear understanding and encourage the application of knowledge.

3rd November- Within our topic lesson this afternoon the children learnt about Guy Fawkes and why we celebrate Firework Night. The children shared their experiences of fireworks whilst we discussed how to keep safe and look after pets when there are loud fireworks. The children made their own edible chocolate sparklers and toasted some marshmallows as an autumnal treat.

1st November- This morning the children had a visit from Lincolnshire Smiles and learnt about the importance of tooth brushing, The children then practised brushing their teeth which they will do every day to look after their teeth!

1st November- The children will have a monthly visit from the local library van where they get to select a book to borrow and read in the classroom. This was the children’s first experience with the library van where they all got to choose one book which we will read over the next month.

17th October- The children were introduced to 2D shapes focusing on circles and triangles. The children went for a tour around the school taking pictures of all the shapes they found. They also used a variety of shaped carpet tiles within the classroom to make pictures. The children explored the artist Kandinsky, recreating some of his famous artwork by printing circles and triangles.

16th October- The children had a themed afternoon focussed around the story Elmer the Patchwork Elephant. They listened to the story and completed a range of activities, including colouring, puzzles and working as a team to create their own patchwork elephant which could be displayed around the school.

13th October- In the maths lesson the children learnt the numbers 1, 2 and 3. They played lots of games to understand and practice writing the numbers. They consolidated their knowledge from the week to accurately use and recognise all three numbers.

Pumpkin carving- The children carved pumpkins as a team. They learnt how pumpkins grow and felt the inside and outside using words like “juicy” “soft” and “squidgy”.

21st September - Phonics information session for parents powerpoint

The children took part in 10@10 where they did 10 minutes of exercise at 10 o’clock!

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15th September - Friday fun in the sun!

15th September - Our nature walk for maths. We sorted the natural objects we found in lots of different ways.

The children’s first PE lesson

Welcome to Ducklings class of 2023-24.

Hello and welcome to Ducklings class.

We are very excited to welcome you to Hawthorn Tree school and the Early Years Department.

I (Mrs Herring) will teach on Monday - Thursday and Miss Glew will teach on Fridays. 

We have Miss Sykes and Miss Richards to help every day with your children's learning (TA's) and Miss Atkins on some days as we share her time with Mrs Tory.


We will start school on Tuesday 5th September at 8.45.  Children should come through the gate straight into the EY area and then straight into our classroom.  For the first week we will finish at 12.45 and children should be collected from their classroom door/gate at this time please.  

From Monday 11th September the children will be in school full time 8.45 - 3.15pm. 


During the first week I will send home an invitation for you to join seesaw.  It is an online platform that can be accessed via your mobile phone, tablet or computer.  We use it to send messages to parents and to upload photos, videos and short explanations about what your child has been doing/learning.  We have had very positive feedback this year about how lovely it is to know what the children are doing in school each week. 

PLEASE join as soon as you receive the invitation so you don't miss out!


I hope you are having a wonderful summer and look forward to seeing you all again in September.

Mrs Herring x