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Year 2 Miss Morris

Welcome to Badgers



Hello, it’s Miss Morris.
In our classroom this academic year there is myself, Mrs Stevenson, Miss Taylor (Monday’s only), Miss Wyles, Miss Blackford and Mrs Bisby. We are all looking forward to our year of fun adventures, if you or your child has any questions please do not hesitate to speak to us at the end of the school day or make an appointment via the school office. 

Important Documents

Indoor PE: Mondays

Outdoor PE: Wednesdays


Please make sure your child comes to school in their PE kit for both of these days, it needs to be suitable for all weathers. Please ensure that your child continues to wear their school jumper or cardigan with their PE kit on these days. 

Our spelling day is a Monday. Please make sure your child practices their spellings at home over the week and brings them completed in their folder EVERY Monday. 

Our Class Adventures

Well done Benjamin for winning the Spelling Bee competition for Year 2!

Pirate Day

Wolds Wildlife Park

For Geography we visited our school carpark to have a look at how many of each car model we could see, making a tally chart. We then had to interpret the data to see which country and continent the models were from.

Badger Move Up Day

We have had a fantastic day meeting each other and getting to know the classroom. We started our day by asking questions about the year ahead, as well as making badgers and finding the names of our class friends in a word search. The children have also had some time to explore the classroom to settle our nerves ready for September. 

Year Two Sports Day

Today we have released our butterflies..

In Design and Technology (D.T), our children have been learning about different types of puppets including hand puppets, finger puppets, string puppets and shadow puppets. They have then had the opportunity to design their own puppet from one of their favourite stories, resulting in them being able to make it out of felt, sewing it up themselves. 

Our caterpillars have GROWN!! 🐛

- updates will continue


19th May

16th May

9th May

5th May

Still image for this video

Our King’s Coronation Celebrations

The children have had fun being King Charles in their masks as well as enjoying fun related topic activities. They also did an amazing job at singing the National Anthem within our school parade. 

Our caterpillars have arrived! We now need to patiently wait for them to move to the next stage of their life cycle.. we will keep you updated!

Spelling Bee Preparation!

In order to have a chance to win the competition next term, practice writing and spelling these words out loud. 

All of Badgers have chosen a book from the Lincolnshire Library van this morning. They will be bringing this book home with them for the next four weeks, so please ensure that they take care of their book. We will remind them when they need to return their book to choose another. 

Here's a selection of photos of the Year 2 children who didn't join the others at Rand Farm Park Residential. They had a great fun filled day with the sheep :)

Year 2 Rand Farm Residential

Please keep having a look below while we are away at Rand Farm Park and you’ll be able to see what fun we have all been getting up to!!

Day Two

Free time with the animals before heading back to school. Another fun-filled day it’s been!!

In the afternoon, the children took it in turns to plant potatoes and make our lunch which was vegetable soup.

Air cannon time! The children were trying their hardest to get the foam balls to shoot from one end of the room to the other, great to see their determination!

Full English breakfast time

Morning jobs on the farm before getting our breakfast. The children had to milk the cow, feed the lambs and calves, muck out the animal enclosures and lay fresh hay. 

Day One

An evening playing on the soft play before hot chocolate, a snack and story before bedtime.

Evening Meal

Before our evening meal, the children had to complete the jobs on the farm such as: feed the animals, lay fresh hay and feed the lambs.

This afternoon the children have been making their own plant pots to plant carrot seeds, as well as making carrot cupcakes. 

After lunch we had some free time to go on the soft play area, followed by a demonstration of how the cows are milked. 

Lunch Time.

We have spent our morning meeting the different animals on the farm, including feeding the sheep, goats and cows. 

We have arrived at Rand Farm safely!!

Thank you to Mrs Watson for bringing her two bunnies into school to visit our class today. 

Today in PE as part of the children’s gymnastics unit they had the opportunity to use their climbing and balancing skills on the climbing frame. At the beginning of the session, they practiced the different rolls they learnt in week 1 and 2, as well as various balances. The children thoroughly enjoyed it!

Badger class have been researching about an animal that’s interesting to them, using information books from the library aswell as Google on iPads. 

On Friday 3rd March, the Year two and three children had a visit from Trunk Theatre. They performed us the story of what happened in London in the year of 1666, from start to finish - The Great Fire of London. 

World Book Day

To start the day, Badger Class got to share their reading book with children out of Mrs Herring’s class. It was lovely to see the children interacting with each other and enjoying to share their favourite books and characters. 

The children then completed a competition, where they had to draw a dragon and describe it using adjectives and explain how it moves. They drew some very gruesome dragons!

I am sure you will agree with me, all of Badger Class look AMAZING in their World Book Day costumes.

This afternoon the children had a visitor from the West End Theatre Company to come and show us how to act out and perform the whole of a story in 30 minutes.  The children listened to the story of Where Are The Wild Things, followed by learning actions and movements creating the story, making it real life! They did an amazing job.

Our Final Performance of Where Are The Wild Things

Still image for this video

Below is a great link for children to practice their computer coding skills, in the shape of a game. It is also a fabulous interlink with their topics learnt in RSHE. 

In RE we have been acting out the story of Noah's Ark. 

Today in art the children have learnt about primary and secondary colours. Knowing which secondary colour is created when two primary colours are added together.


red + blue = purple

blue + yellow = green

yellow + red = orange


We linked todays art piece with our current maths topic of 2D shape. As well as learning the name of an artist: Jackson Pollack. 

Today in History we are started talking about The Great Fire of London, the children have begun by learning what a timeline is and how this can be used to discuss their lives. Here is the video we watched in today's lesson. Explaining why the Great Fire of London happened.

Today in Maths we have started looking at the topic of Shape. We have recognised and sorted a selection of 2D shapes, as well starting to discuss the properties of each shape. 

Year 2 Santa Dash

In Computing the children have been learning how to use the programme Paint. They have been using shapes to create pictures. Learning how to change the colour of shapes, erase and recreate. 

Decorating biscuits with Mrs Bisby : Melted Snowmen

Here is our ‘Red and Gold, Let Christmas Unfold’ Class Christmas Hamper. Tickets available to buy in class on Monday 12th. It is 20p for a single ticket or £1 for a strip. Good luck!

The final step of our art topic this term is tie dying. It was lovely to hear children recall personal experiences while introducing this technique. Now to wait for the magic to happen…

Our Key Stage One Nativity!

Christmas lunch in our badger hats! 🎄

Today is Christmas Jumper Day, the children have all worn their Christmas jumpers today and look wonderful! They have been completing related activities such as multiplication colouring and designing their own Christmas jumper. 

Poppy has been working super hard in her swimming lessons, she has achieved three certificates and three badges. Well done Poppy, keep it up!

Before our Christmas production to our parents we had the opportunity to meet some sheep, real life sheep!! Look how adorable and fluffy they are..


Let’s hope he doesn’t cause too much mischief in the classroom..

Today (Tuesday 29th November), Key Stage One preformed their Christmas nativity to the local community including The Haven, Black Swan Care Home. It was lovely to have the community to come and visit our school, as well as watch the nativity performance that the children have been practicing so hard for. Well done Key Stage One!

Our end of unit posters for our geography unit of Poland. They children did a fantastic job! They worked in groups, recalling information such as:

- The capital city of Poland

- Polish Christmas traditions

- Polish School Life

- Weather in Poland etc.


In art today the children have been experimenting how to make different textures with paper. They have also experimented with other materials such as fabric. They have made some amazing creations. 

Today for our DT unit we have made white bread. The children helped measure out the correct amount of each ingredient, as well as learning how to knead the dough. They each shaped their own individual bread roll. 

As part of this terms art topic the children have learnt how to weave using card, creating a repeating pattern. They look amazing, I am sure you’ll agree!!

Millie achieved this trophy outside of school for being Belly Dancer of the week. This week she has also shown us her other recent achievements for dancing, acro and musical theatre. Well done Mille, great achievements!