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Wednesday 3rd March

Don't forget today is your chance to watch a free event, Arabian Nights. All the details of how to sign up for the event are on our class webpage. The performance doesn't end until 2:15pm, so Group A, you can join the meeting slightly later today if you are watch it. Enjoy.




Comparing and ordering fractions less that one in Maths today. The key think that you must remember is that you can not compare fractions with different denominators; you must make the denominators the same before you begin. Make sure you watch the supporting video.

Adapted Maths


The final lesson of the week on Equivalent fractions today. I shall put the fraction wall and multiplication grid below as a reference for you. Please use this resource. It really will help.



Another Ninja Comprehension task now. Please remember for the 'Fill in the Gaps' task, you must refer to the original text and find the actual missing word and add it to the sentence. If you read the text through a couple of times, and complete all of the sheets, by the end you will find you have embedded all the information and the task becomes easier.

Adapted English


Please have a go at the task above, but if you prefer an alternative activity, please complete some of your Reading Eggs tasks.



A return to Real P.E. this afternoon and you are focusing on Stance.