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Friday 29th January 2021

Friday 29th January 2021


English ONLINE Task

Today for English we are going to be using the conversations you wrote on Wednesday to help you with your writing today, so please make sure you have this with you for today’s online lesson. You will also need the speech marks help sheet to support you with today’s lesson, this will help you with how to write direct speech correctly in the conversation between the two robots.


Today’s maths marks the end of our Multiplication and Division unit, meaning we will be starting our new maths topic on Monday. So for today’s lesson you have got an end of unit assessment so please make sure you do nothave any help on this activity, just try your best and we will go through your answers on Monday 


Today for RE you are to watch and read the PowerPoint in Who and Where. Then you have got a jigsaw map of Saudi Arabia to cut out and match together correctly, see whether you can do this without looking at the support sheet.