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Thursday 27th May



Today, you will be finishing off your draft of your Ancient Greek mythical creature report. Last Friday, you should have written the appearance and habitat paragraphs. Today, please write the powers / special abilities paragraph and the role in mythology paragraph. (The role in mythology is basically a brief summary of the myth.)


Please bring in your writing to school tomorrow, where you will be editing then presenting your text.


Remember to use the following:

  • excellent vocabulary - powerful verbs, adventurous adjectives, appropriate adverbs
  • modal verbs - must, should, could, might, may, can, will
  • relative clauses, which will start with a relative pronoun such as which, that or whom.
  • clear sub-headings
  • well grouped ideas
  • a range of cohesive devices, particularly focussing on conjunctions and sentence openers.

The PowerPoint has a range of examples of non-chronological reports to help inspire you.



In Maths today, you will be learning about regular and irregular shapes. 

Key fact to remember:


Regular shapes MUST have all equal angles AND all equal sides.

e.g. square, equilateral triangle, regular hexagon.


Irregular shapes do not have all equal angles OR all equal sides.

e.g. rhombus (equal sides, unequal angles); rectangle (equal angles, unequal sides).


Watch the video for your instructions.

Regular and irregular polygons


Today in RE, you will be learning about the importance of the Qur'an. You will be considering the importance of rules in your own life. If the Qur'an has the rules for Muslims to live by, what 5 rules do you think that you should live by? Create a poster (you can use the template below, or you may choose to create your own design) to show the 5 most important rules for living.



RE poster template (use this or create your own)