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Friday 21st May


Today, you will be starting your non-chronological report on the mythical creature you designed in class on Thursday. Write the paragraphs about its appearance and habitat. Don't forget those success criteria, which are on the PowerPoint. Happy writing!


Following on from our lessons this morning:



I want to make sure that you use RELATIVE CLAUSES in your writing. These are clauses which have relative pronouns. For example:

Breathing through her grossly flared nostrils, the misodius (who is one of Greek mythology's most fearsome beasts), shoots out scorching flames which can obliterate any who venture near her.



I also want you to use modal verbs and adverbs of possibility. These show how likely something is.

e.g. When she stares into your soul, you will certainly breathe your last.

e.g. If you dare to tread her paths, you might be unfortunate enough to discover the remains of her last meal.


List of modal verbs: can/could, may/might, will/would, shall/should and must for more information on modal verbs.



Today, you will be adding decimals. Don't be put off by the decimal point, just remember to line up the decimal points before you add. Then add as normal!


Reading comprehension:

Have a go at Jacky Daydream. This is fairly tricky, so make sure you read the text and questions carefully. I have confidence that you can be successful!


We will go through all this in our TEAMS session.


Group A will be at 9.30am.

Group B will be at 10.30am.

If you were in school for the last lockdown, just join which ever group suits you best.