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Wednesday 20th January



Taking area a step further today and thinking about how we find the area of a compound shape. A compound shape is a shape that is made up of a number of rectangles. You will need to apply your knowledge for finding the area of one rectangle to dividing up compound shapes, finding the length of all the sides and using this information to find the total area. 

Adapted Maths


Today we are thinking about drawing shapes with a particular area. By counting the squares, you should be able to double check that you have drawn a shape with the correct area. Remember for question 9, when you are making your own shapes, the squares should meet side by side and not corner to corner. 

English  and Adapted English


During our Teams meeting today, we will have a chance to discuss the books you have been reading over the past week. 


For you lesson today, we will be completing an Oak Academy lesson. The Listeners by Walter De La Mare is one of my favourite poems, so I am excited to be able to cover this poem with you. Please watch the lesson and make notes read to discuss this poem during our Teams lesson this afternoon.

THE LISTENERS Walter de la Mare



In your packs this week you should have received some instructions on how to sign up to our exciting new P.E. curriculum, Real P.E. . Once I have instructions from Ms Ingemells, I will add a link here for you. 


As an alternative activity, below is a link to a dance lesson with Oti.