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Thursday 28th January

Today you are going to be completing your family tree and writing about each person you have gathered information on.  You should have some lined paper with a learning objective in your pack for this purpose.  Some of you may have different templates for writing about your family so please check the work in your pack and complete.

Family Tree Explanation.


Below is an example of how to set out your work and a reminder of what we went over yesterday.  Remember to use subheadings and underline each person you write about.  Write in full sentences and try to use your joined handwriting you have been learning at home and school.

Maths - live lesson

Block diagram power point. Can you answer the questions about each block diagram?

Block diagram - eye colours

Challenge question - odd one out

Thursday afternoon

Art - writing a biography about a famous artist and creating a picture 'in the style of' your chosen artist.

There is an A4 and a larger A3 piece of paper in your pack to complete your 'work in the style of a famous artist'.

Artist biography