We have places available in some year groups! Please contact us for more details.

EYFS Mrs Herring

22.7.2022 Today is our last day in EYFS. The children have been amazing - rising to every challenge we have set. We will miss them all but know they are ready to continue their learning journey in year 1. Good luck Ducklings!.

14.7.22 This week we have been looking at maps in maths and English. Today the children all wrote a clue to find some treasure. Once their clue was written they read it to a friend who went in search of the treasure using the clue to help them. It was great fun. When we had finished we shared the treasure out. Yummy sweets!

12.7.22 Today we have been learning about Hawaii. We have made a flower lei each and tried some Hawaiian dancing.

Our Hawaiian dancing

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IMG_2445 (1).MOV

Still image for this video

Our volcanoes

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4.7.22 - today we watched as the butterflies were released. We have watched the caterpillars grow and change into butterflies and hope that they return to visit us.

1.7.22 - We learnt all about the artist Andy Goldsworthy and how he creates art using natural materials. We went onto our school field to collect natural items and then used them with natural items we found in our classroom. We created our own individual artworks.

30.6.22 This morning we have worked on a maths challenge. In pairs we had to build a boat that would float AND hold as many marbles as possible. When the glue is dry we are going to test them in the outdoor water tray. The winning boat will be the one that holds the most marbles and doesn't sink!

30.6.2022 Today we have 2 butterflies in our net. The children were VERY excited to see they had emerged.

22.6.22 We have some caterpillars in class. They were very tiny on the first day but they grew to about 5cm long in 10 days. All they did was eat! Today they have all built a cocoon each and are busy wriggling and transforming into butterflies inside. We have now transferred them into the net ready for them to emerge.

22.6.22 Wriggling away inside their cocoons.

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Around the World Day - Tuesday 12th July

EYFS - America (with a focus on Hawaii) - further details in the letter below.

16.5.22 - we had the opportunity to have a sneak peek at our pop-up school art gallery, before its opening after school. We were impressed by the art work that had been created across school and we were very excited to see our own paintings of the Maud Foster Windmill.

27.5.22 - celebrating the Jubilee with a whole school picnic ๐Ÿงบ

27.5.22 - As part of the whole school Platinum Jubilee celebrations each class performed to a song from one of the decades of Queen Elizabeth II reign. We made shark hats for our costume and then performed to Baby Shark. We talked about some facts during our chosen decade, the 2010's. These included Prince William and Catherine Middleton's wedding in 2011, all the children in our classes were born in 2016/17, the film Frozen was released in 2013 and London hosted the Olympic games in 2012

25.5.22 Today we read the story 'Grandpa's Quilt' and then made paper squares decorated with different shapes to make patterns. We put them all together to make a 'quilt'.

24.5.22 Today our local PCSO came to visit. She talked about her role in our community, how to stay safe and her uniform. The children loved holding her 'vest' which was VERY heavy!

24.5.22 Today we read the story of 'Pezzatino' (which means little piece in Italian). The children then used small squares (like Pezzatino) to make their own bigger animals and pictures.

23.5.2022 Today we used small shapes to make different pictures with a partner.

20.5.2022 Thank you for all the lovely donations for our 'Summer Fun' hamper. Raffle tickets are available from Monday and the raffle will be drawn on Friday 27th at the Jubilee Celebration.

19.5.2022 Today we painted using cotton buds to dab small spots of paint to make a picture of part of the hospital. This technique is called Pointillism.

17.5.2022 This afternoon we changed our role play to a doctors surgery. The children enjoyed pretending to be doctors, nurses, receptionists and dentists.

17.5.2022 Today we tasted lots of different fruits and then made them into a fruit salad to share. We used the leftover fruit salad and some extra pieces of fruit to make smoothies. Delicious and nutritious.

12.5.22 Today we made egg and cress sandwiches using our 'home grown cress'.

11.5.2022 Today the whole of Reception went into the hall to play some parachute games together.

Friday 6.5.22 In maths this morning, we have used squares and rectangles to make a 'Snail' picture like Henri Matisse' famous painting.

5.5.2022 Today we have been planting different types of seeds. We planted cress (so we can make egg and cress sandwiches later in the term), grass seeds in pots with our faces on (so it will look like our hair as it grows) and vegetable seeds in the planters outside. We even made some signs to keep our seeds and plants safe from being pulled up.

Tuesday 3.5.2022 Today we had a visit from Steve at Asda. We have been reading the Supertato books and so Steve brought all the things we would need to make our very own Supertato. It was great fun!

What a fantastic visit to Tattershall Farm Park today - outdoor and indoor play areas, feeding animals and the bird of prey display.

31.3.2022 Easter bonnets! What a fantastic sight. Thank you to everyone who helped make these amazing creations at home.

End of term 4 Award winners - shining star - Nina, Head teachers award - Leo, Maths certificate - Jensen and Reading medal - TJ

23.3.2022 Today Mrs Kadar came into EYFS to talk about being a Muslim. She brought special clothes, the Quran (the Islamic Holy book), a prayer mat and talked about Ramadan and the festival of Eid. The children asked some really good questions and were interested to find out about another world religions.

22.3.2022 Today we have been practicing counting forwards and backwards to/from 10 by playing hopscotch in small groups.

21.3.2022 Today we visited Gleeson Homes building site. We saw lots of enormous machines, people doing different jobs and talked about why we all needed to wear fluorescent jackets and hard hats whilst on site.

Digger at Gleeson Homes

Still image for this video

The children learning to lay bricks.

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21.3.22 Today we wore odd socks to show our support for Down's Syndrome Awareness Day.

Reception will be going to Tattershall Farm Park on Friday 22nd April. Please see letter below for further details.

17.3.2022 Today the children took part in a dance workshop led by Landall. The children told the story of 'Handa's Surprise' through dance. They did an amazing job!

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Still image for this video

Photos from the workshop.

18.3.2022 Red Nose Day. Children can come in non-uniform and if you wish bring a small donation to the Red Nose Charity.

15.3.22 Today we have been talking about different homes and bridges as part of our topic on construction and building. The children painted pictures of their homes and built bridges across a 'river' working in teams.

15/16.3.2022 The children have been making repeating patterns in maths using a game on the whiteboard, cubes, counters, toys, objects, beads on a string and printing patterns with blocks. The next day we made more complicated patterns using different objects on various lines and shapes.

8.3.22 Professor Bubbleworks assembly. Today the children were introduced to Daniel and some very exciting science experiments.

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Experiment 2

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Experiment 3

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EYFS and Professor Bubbleworks - inside a giant bubble and making a ping pong ball 'float'.

1.3.22 Shrove Tuesday or 'Pancake Day'. Today the children chose toppings for their pancakes and spread, scooped and sprinkled them on top before eating. Delicious!

28.2.22 Today we investigated how long it took for baths bombs to melt. We found that the small ones took 3 or 4 minutes and the BIG, egg one took nearly 8 minutes. The children described the bath bombs as 'fizzing', bubbling', 'melting', 'swirling', 'popping' and 'rainbow coloured'. They made our classroom smell lovely too.

Lemon recipe playdough

๐Ÿ‹ 22.2.22 - for our first Playdough club we used grated lemon zest and squeezed juice into the dry mixture to flavour it. We made it smell very zesty ๐Ÿ‹

11.2.2022 Today was our special award assembly. Amelia got the reading medal, Eli the maths award, Luka the shining star award and Nathan received the head teacher certificate. Later in the morning some children received a certificate for full attendance this term. Well done to all our winners AND a huge well done to the whole class for all your hard work this term.

9.2.2022 Today we had our second visit from our class dogs - Sandy and Sasha.

8.2.2022 Today we made porridge like the three bears in Goldilocks. The children enjoyed measuring and mixing and most liked the taste!

Our Chinese dragon dance.

Still image for this video

4.2.22 We did a Chinese dragon dance around KS1 and played some musical instruments.

3.2.22 - today during our RE lesson we looked at our baby photos and tried to guess who the babies were. We noticed how we had changed. We then chose a partner and drew a portrait of them. We finished our lesson by reading The Family Book and recognised not only are we are all unique, but our families are too.

Tuesday 1.2.22 Today we have been celebrating the Lunar (Chinese) New Year. The children made lanterns and lucky red envelopes to decorate their tables. We tried different flavoured rice, spring rolls and prawn crackers. At the end of the feast, the children shared a fortune cookie with a friend.

28.1.2022 We had great fun dressing up to retell the story of Little Red Riding Hood.

27.1.2022 The children had their first visit from the school dogs (for Y1 and EYFS) - Sandy and Sasha. They enjoyed the meet and greet, stroking them and taking them for a little walk around the playground.

25.1.2022 This week our focus text is Little Red Riding Hood - we have made story maps of her journey through the forest, Get well soon cards for Granny and have drawn pictures of some healthy food that Granny might like in a basket.

14.1.2022 The children have built Lego windmills for our Little Red Hen story this week. They worked in pairs to make sure the sails turned round.

12.1.2022 Today we have made our own butter. We put double cream in our jars and shook it REALLY HARD for 15 minutes. We worked in teams as it made our arms ache! Eventually the cream separated and we poured the buttermilk into a bowl and added a tiny bit of salt to the butter. We had a small piece of bread each (as it was almost lunch time) and spread it with butter - it was YUMMY!

11.1.2022 This week our focus story is 'The Little Red Hen'. We have retold the story using masks and today we have made bread - just like the Little Red Hen.

4.1.2022 This term our focus/topic is traditional tales. This week our story is The Gingerbread Man. We made Gingerbread men (and ate them!), built boats and rafts so they could cross the river safely and carried out an experiment to see which liquid melted the Gingerbread Man first. Would it be water, oil, vinegar or orange juice? Ask the children to tell you what they found out.

Our rafts and boats for the Gingerbread man.

This photo shows what happened to the Gingerbread men after 10 minutes in each liquid. Was it what you thought would happen?

Merry Christmas to all our Ducklings and their families, Lots of love Mrs Herring, Miss Chapman and Miss Stones xx

17.12.2021 Our award winners this term: The Shining Star trophy - Nikole and the Reading medal - Esmae.

16.12.2022 Today the children sang their Christmas songs around the tree. We are very proud of them all for learning the words and singing so beautifully.

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Christmas songs 007.MOV

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8.12.2021 Christmas dinner day at school. Yummy!

7.12.2021 Today we had a very exciting letter from Santa. The penguins had got frozen in the ice and he needed our help to set them free! The children had some excellent ideas for how to release them, working in teams. The penguins are now all safely back at the South Pole - thanks to Ducklings Class.

Class hamper - Christmas treats

12.11.2021 This week we have been learning all about Remembrance Day and why we wear poppies.

5.11.2021 Today we raced our firework rockets across the playground and then toasted marshmallows outside - YUMMY!

Toasting marshmallows.

2.11.2021 Today was Reception's first craft club (held at lunch time). They did an amazing job with their silhouette firework pictures.

15.10.2021 Our first school disco!

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Disco 015.MOV

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School disco 3

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Here are some videos of the 'Talent show'

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talent show videos 007.MOV

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talent show videos 017.MOV

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talent show videos 004.MOV

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talent show videos 020.MOV

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talent show videos 024.MOV

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talent show videos 034.MOV

Still image for this video

15.10.2021 Today EYFS held their mini 'Talent show' where they performed in front of their class their chosen talent. We had dancing, singing, Spiderman skills, Gymnastics, tap dance... Just so many talented children. We are so incredibly proud of them all - it is very nerve wracking to perform in front of others but they were very brave (and excited!). They were sponsored to show their talent and across both classes we have raised an an ABSOLUTELY AMAZING ยฃ460 so far. We cannot thank you all enough for your support and generosity. New toys and equipment coming soon!

October 2021 This week we have been learning all about numbers 1, 2 and 3. These are the Numberblocks rhymes we say to help us with formation.

14.10.2021 Today we have been outside using the masks to retell the story of 'The Three Billy Goats Gruff'. The children did an amazing job using the repeated vocabulary of the story and some very 'scary' troll voices!

Still image for this video

Billy goats gruff 2

Still image for this video

Video 3

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Video 4

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8.10.2021 All dressed in yellow to support 'Young minds/Hello Yellow' charity day.

7.10.2021 Today we made repeating patterns using fruit - YUMMY!!

1.10.21 Today we were very excited to meet Professor Jonathan Van Tam ( a former pupil) when he officially opened our EYFS outdoor play area.

1/10/21 Today we read the book 'Dear Zoo'. We used large construction toys to make a 'home' for Luka. We then built homes and boxes to fit different toy animals.

29.9.2021 Today we made faces using natural materials.

27.9.2021 Today we have planted some different coloured heather and some winter pansy in our seating plant boxes.


We have had a very busy day - learning a new sound in phonics (g), matching objects and making pairs in maths, using our fingers for painting and playing outside in the new area.


Just a few reminders for Ducklings Class.

PE is on Wednesday and the children should come dressed in their kit for the day.

We will shortly be starting a lending library for the children where they will be able to choose a book to bring home and share with you weekly. Our library day will be Thursday.

Many thanks for your help at home with practising phonics, they are trying really hard.

Mrs Herring


21.9.2021 Today we have been making pairs and matching in maths- pairs of socks on the washing line, colouring a pair of socks to match, playing a pairs game on the carpet and finding two toys to match/make a pair.

20.9.2021 Ducklings class. Making spirals using buttons, matching and sorting objects in maths.

Enjoying Amaia's birthday cake. Thank you Amaia!

We have had a fantastic start to our Reception learning journey.

These photos were taken on our first two days of 'big' school.

Ducklings class first few days at school.

We read the story 'Owl babies' by Martin Waddell and made our own owl baby stick puppets.

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