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Using your fingertips, try the following & stop when your child starts to finds it too challenging as they do gradually get harder:

  • Move a ball from one hand to the other. Start slowly and then see how quickly you can do it.

  • Roll a ball along the floor to make an imaginary shape, e.g. circle, triangle.

  • Take turns with a partner to roll a ball in the shape of a letter or number and see if your partner can guess what it is.

  • Roll a ball around lots of different objects, e.g. a hoop, in and out of cones, keeping at least 1 hand in contact with the ball at all times.

  • Move a ball around with your hands in lots of different ways, adding funny noises as you play.

  • Show your friends your ball skills while they sing: “Come on Ronnie, show us your tricks, show us your tricks, show us your tricks. Come on Ronnie, show us your tricks, Ready steady go. 10 Ronnie, 9 Ronnie, 8 Ronnie... 1 Ronnie. Well done Ronnie, you showed us some tricks, off you go.” (Remember, they should sing your name when it’s your turn.)