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Wednesday 6th January 2021

Wednesday 6th January 2021


Maths ONLINE Task

For today's online session you will need paper/a notebook and something to write with. We will be recapping your prior learning from Year 2 and discussing how to divide by 10 which I know you will all be FABULOUS at!


Also for the lesson if you can draw yourself out a place value grid like below and number cards 0-9.



To watch the 'Planet Unknown' video clip, writing down some notes of what happens throughout. 

E.g. What is the setting? Who are the characters? What are the characters doing? Why are they there?


You will need this information for tomorrow's ONLINE English session.


Your task for Art today is to continue robot drawings in the style of Eric Joyner. Use plain paper to sketch your robots onto and then these can be stuck into your art book on return to school. Remember to use your sketching skills that we have practiced in class. Eric's robot photos have been attached below.