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Art Club

It has been a pleasure Art Club children - you have made some FANTASTIC arts and crafts, well done! Thank you for coming and enjoying our sessions together. Have a wonderful Christmas x

Week 5 & 6: Our final activity
Over the past two weeks we have been busy making Christmas tree crafts. The children started off with a paper plate, cutting round in a swirl to create a spiral. They then got to decorate their tree with baubles, attaching them to dangle and sparkle when held from the top of the spiral. 

Week 4

This week we made a polar bear craft. The children made icebergs for their polar bear to stand on, adding sparkly snowflakes. They were all very proud of their pictures, lovely to see!

Week 3

This week our theme was ‘Autumn’. We started off by blu-tacking leaves onto a plain piece of card, then finger painting the whole page. Once they were dry, the stuck on leaves could carefully be peeled off to leave lovely leaf silhouettes! 

Week 2

This week in art club we have completed poppy wreaths, discussing why we have Remembrance Day and wear poppies. The children cut out a variety of poppies to add to their wreath. Finishing it off by adding black centers to their poppies using black buttons, as well as adding some red glitter as a sparkle.

Week 1

This week we have focused on fireworks with it being bonfire night. The children created firework paintings using a variety of bright and glittery paints, as well as adding glitter to add sparkle. They also copied out a poem to attach to the bottom.