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Monday 22nd February 2021

Monday 22nd February 2021



Our new topic is Superheroes. Revise the use of prefixes by watching the PowerPoint and trying the playing the game. Then write 5 correctly punctuated sentences using a prefix in each one about superheroes. Try to make sure you are presenting your writing carefully.


This half term the topics are statistics and measures. Complete the work with your teacher on how to use a tally chart. This is a revision lesson of what was covered in Year 2. You will be looking at different charts for the rest of this week. Try to use a tally correctly and record your work carefully so that you can refer to it. 


Complete the worksheet on colours in French. Make sure you look carefully at the picture as there are small numbers for you to follow to colour it in. If you are unsure of the colours you could search them online.