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Tuesday 23rd February


Today's live session is English. We will begin with phonics and then we will introduce our new English topic, 'Dragons, Knights and Castles'. The focus of this new topic is traditional stories. We will begin with the story 'Jack and the Beanstalk'. The following resources will be needed for today's session:


Today the children will continue to consolidate some of the skills they learnt last term including skip counting in 2s and 5s. It would be really useful to use the link below to practise skip counting in 2s and 5s, remember to complete the activities in your learning packs.



Today we are starting our new topic - 'Plants'. In your packs you will find a plant pot and a seed to plant. We are looking forward to seeing how your seed grows! 


Look at the seed PowerPoint with your grown-up and discuss what you know about plants. Now look carefully at your seed before you plant it... On your worksheet, draw a picture to show what your seed looks like now and then draw what you think it will look like when it has grown. Once you have completed this task, please enjoy planting your seed!


Remember: plants need light and water to grow well.


Today we are going to think carefully about the ways we can keep safe and also about potential dangers we might find at home. Look at the PowerPoint up to the slide which says "What's the danger?". Talk with your grown-up about the dangers you can see in the picture. Once you have done this, have a look at the little pictures in your pack. Can you sort them into the following three groups: safe, partly safe and dangerous? Talk about your choices. Were they all dangerous? Why? Continue with the PowerPoint and discuss the different hazards in the home.


Story Time

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