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Thursday 7th January 2021

Thursday 7th January 2021


English ONLINE Task

Today in our ONLINE English lesson we are going to discuss the 'Planet Unknown' video clip that you watched yesterday so make sure you have got your notes from yesterday!


Following on from yesterday’s online lesson today for Math's you are to complete the worksheet out of your pack which is to apply your skills of dividing by 10.

In Science we are beginning a new topic which is Animals including Humans. Today I would like you use the KWL grid in your pack to tell me what you think you already know about Animals including Humans and what you would like to learn. 


 Examples of what you may already know:

- Can you name 5 bones in your body?
- Do you know any of the food groups?
- How many pieces of fruit are we meant to eat a day?
- How do we stay healthy?
- Can you name any groups of animals?
- Do you know what vertebrate means?