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Welcome to our Governors’ section.

Please find below details of our Governors at Hawthorn Tree School, how it is structured, categories, responsibilities, terms of appointment, register of interests and minutes.

Governing Body:

Name Type of Governor Chair (C), Vice-Chair (VC) Appointed by Resources Strategy Connections to Staff Declaration of Conflict of Interests Date of appointment - Term of Office End Date
John Ailsby C C GB Yes(C) Yes None None Declared 10/11/2019-10/11/2023
Janice Carder C VC GB No Yes(C) None None Declared 18/05/2016-18/05/2020
James Kelwick H No Self Appointed Yes Yes Member of Staff None Declared Permanent Member
Tim Bishop P No Elected Unopposed Yes No Spouse - Teaching Assistant Spouse - Teaching Assistant 14/09/2016-14/09/2020
Jacqui Ward P No Appointed Unopposed No Yes None None Declared 20/09/2017-20/09/2021
Tracy Millane S No Elected Unopposed No Yes Member of Staff None Declared 11/07/2018-11/07/2022
Pamela Elton C No GB No Yes None None Declared 03/10/2018-03/10/2022
Bethany Lines C No GB Yes No Family member - Teaching Assistant Family member - Teaching Assistant 27/11/2018-27/11/2022
Simon Jaques C No GB Yes No None None Declared 27/11/2018-27/11/2022
Julie Walmsley C No GB Yes No None None Declared 10/09/2019- 10/09/2023
Marie Freeman C No GB No Yes None None Declared 16/07/2019-16/07/2023

Daiva Razguniene

C No GB     None None Declared 27/11/2018-Resigned 02/01/2019
Graham Parkinson L No Local Authority Yes No None None Declared 22/09/2015 - Resigned 14/12/2018
John Poucher A No Local Authority Yes (C) Yes None None Declared 20/03/2015 - Resigned 27/11/2018
Cara Knight C No Elected Yes No Member of Staff None Declared

17/11/2014 - Term end


Svetlana Jermakova C No GB No Yes None None Declared 23/05/2018 - Resigned 22/10/2018
Mrs C Sammons - Clerk to the Governors



P - Parent, elected by Parents

A - Associate Member - recommended by Lincolnshire County Council

C - Co-opted, appointed by Governing Body

L - Local Authority, recommended by Lincolnshire County Council

S - Staff, elected by Staff

H - Headteacher, ex-officio

GB - Governing Body

Register of Pecuniary Interests

Governor Name of Business/ Financial Interest Nature of Business Nature of Interest
John Ailsby Nil Nil Nil
Janice Carder Nil Nil Nil
James Kelwick Nil Nil Nil
Tim Bishop Nil Nil Spouse - Teaching Assistant
Jacqui Ward Nil Nil Nil
Tracy Millane Nil Nil Nil
Pamela Elton Nil Nil Nil
Bethany Lines Nil   Family Member Teaching Assistant
Simon Jaques Nil Nil Nil
Julie Walmsley Nil Nil Nil
Marie Freeman Nil Nil Nil

Governing Body Minutes - Academic Year 2018-2019.

Previous minutes available at request, please contact the school office.