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EYFS Mrs Herring

Monday 10.7.23 On Monday a group of children walked to the Longhurst building site to bury our time capsule. In Y6 we will dig it up and be able to see what we put inside. There are photos of our year in Reception, lengths of string to show how tall we were and a page called 'all about me'.

26.6.23- Our First Sports Day. We had so much fun completing our first sports day, we all enjoyed competing all the different races. Well done everyone.

26.6.23 Today two of our butterflies have emerged from their cocoons. We were all very excited!

20/06/2023- We have caterpillars. Last week we had a special delivery in Reception. A tub of caterpillars arrived for us to watch grow. When we first got them, the caterpillars were tiny and we thought they would take a long time for them to grow, but over the weekend three of the caterpillars have cocooned.

19/06/2023- We are growing beans! In class, we are going to grow our own beans. To start, we have put a wet paper towel in a bag, and then placed our bean in the bag, this is so we can see the roots growing and see the process of the bean growing throughout the weeks. We will be checking each week to see the progress of our beans.

08/06/2023- In maths we have looked at doubling. We looked for doubles using the numicon buried in the sand, we doubled the ladybirds spots and we played dominoes focusing on the doubles.

26.4.2023 Today we had a fantastic visit to Tattershall Farm Park.

19.4.2023 Today we have been looking at different seeds and talking about what they need to grow. We planted cress seeds in clear pots so we can see how tall it grows and grass seeds in pots with our photos on so it looks like we have green/grass hair!!

30.3.2023 Today we had a visit from some very friendly sheep - the children loved feeding and stroking them.

Thursday Today we had a little Easter egg hunt. We all looked to find some small, plastic eggs with forfeits inside. Back in the classroom the children completed heir forfeits and then swapped their plastic egg for a chocolate one. Yummy!

Reception Trip to Tattershall Farm Park - Wednesday 26th April

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Tuesday 28.2.2023 Today the children had a visitor from Boston Nursery so they could have a catch up and show Mrs Crawford what they have been learning.

Monday 27.2.23 Today we mixed flour, salt, food colouring and warm water together to make our own play dough. We used the dough to make a dinosaur model.

Wednesday 22.2.23 Today we have had a tennis taster session with Boston tennis club.

Tuesday 21.2.23 Today we celebrated Shrove Tuesday with some delicious pancakes. We designed our our pancakes and chose the toppings we wanted and wrote them on our designs.

20.2.23 Today we have been talking about dinosaurs. We sorted animals into ‘alive’ and ‘extinct’ groups.

9.2.23 We had a teddy bears picnic to finish our topic on traditional tales and to celebrate our school gaining a GOOD Ofstedbgrade.

7.2.2023 Today the children retold Goldilocks using masks. They also made a new chair for Baby Bear to replace the one broken by Goldilocks.

6.2.2023 Today’s story was Goldilocks and the three bears, so we took the opportunity to make some scrumptious porridge.

2.22023 Today we have read the Gingerbread Man and then made our own delicious gingerbread men.

20.1.23 - To finish our week celebrating the Lunar New Year, we did a dragon dance. With a dragon head, body and musical instruments we paraded around the school wishing everyone a Happy Lunar New Year!

Tuesday 17.1.23 Today the children have been celebrating the Lunar (Chinese) New Year by making lucky red envelopes, red and orange paper lanterns and trying some Chinese food. The children were offered spring rolls, prawn crackers and noodles. Lots of children tried eating with chopsticks which wasn't as easy as we thought it would be.

Wednesaday 11.1.2023 Today we had a visit from our class dog - Ares. The children were VERY excited to meet him and gave him lots of strokes and cuddles as well as playing with him in the playground.

Monday 9.1.2023 Today we have listened to the story of The Little Red Hen. We talked about being fair and sharing the workload. This afternoon the children have all made a windmill like the one from the story. We also watched a video about the Maud Foster windmill in Boston.

Friday 6.1.2023 Today we chopped fresh vegetables and used a soup maker to make our own delicious soup.

Wishing you all a Very Merry Christmas and a healthy and Happy New Year xxx

14.12.2022 Today was our fantastic Christmas party with a very special visit from Santa.

8.12.22 - Today was filled with Christmas fun 🤶🎅we wore our Christmas jumpers and then had our special Christmas lunch wearing our elf hats

6.12.22 - to welcome parents to our KS1 Nativity production we had some special visitors. The children loved welcoming them to our school 🐑

01.12.22 - As we prepared for the start of December we met our class Kindness elf. He is looking out for kind behaviour and will choose a child each day to open up the advent calendar. It was a tricky decision for him on the first day with so much kindness to choose from. The classroom is looking festive with the help of the children decorating the tree with some of their handmade decorations.

24.11.22 - in Picture News this week we discussed different types and styles of hair. We compared our hair to others and looked at similarities and differences. We then practiced plaiting hair with the material, drew pictures of how we would like our hair to be, and made playdough hairstyles.

14.11.22 Today we have been learning about road safety. We have practiced using STOP, LOOK and LISTEN to cross the road safely.

11.11.22 - to commemorate Remembrance day this week we made poppy wreaths using cut outs of our hands and tissue poppies. Today we took part in the 2 minute silence after watching the service on the news and watching Big Ben strike so we knew when to be silent. We then laid our wreaths using the photograph of the Boston Cenotaph.

8.11.22 Today we have looked at numbers 4 and 5. We used cubes to make as many different cofigurations of each number as we could.

4.11.22 We did bubble painting to make some beautiful firework pictures.

2.11.2022 Today we read the story - Handa's Surprise. Steve from Asda came to help us tell the story by bringing all the different fruits for the children to try. We had bananas, oranges, mango, pineapple, avocado and passion fruit. The children enjoyed trying new tastes and textures.

October 2022. Ducklings class are in the newspaper.

20.10.22 - Duckings class presents their very own talent show. Thank-you to all the family members who sponsored the children. Money raised will go towards experiences for the children.


Still image for this video


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18.10.22 - We have been discussing circles and triangles. We were inspired by the artist Kandinsky to make our own shape artwork ⭕️

14.10.22 - We used our senses to explore signs of Autumn. The children lay on the hill using their sight to notice the falling leaves 🍁 and listened to the leaves rustling in the wind. When collecting natural items from our school field we used our sense of touch to describe their textures.

12.10.22 - We couldn’t decide which book to listen to today so each child took a counter and added it to the book of their choice. The book with the most votes was..........The Gruffalo’s Child.

12.10..22 - there was a lot of excitement when the children saw their photograph in the Boston Standard 📰

30.9.2022 Today we had a visit from Steve at Asda. He brought different fruits for the children to try. We have been working on repeating patterns in Maths this week so Steve provided skewers so the children could make repeating pattern, fruit kebabs. They really enjoyed making and eating them!

27.9.2022 This week we have been looking at repeating patterns in Maths. We used lots of different things from outside and around the classroom to make our patterns.

Friday 23.9.2022 Today we read the story Dear Zoo in class. We talked about how the animals were delivered in different sized boxes. The children then chose different construction toys to make a 'home/box' for their chosen toy animal.

Parents phonics information session

Monday 12.9.2022 This morning we learned another new sound - a and did lots of sorting in maths. After dinner we did some music and singing and then worked in teams to make different marble runs.

September 2022 Our first week in Reception - we have made new friends, played in our new outdoor area, painted, done some collage, learned our first phonic/sound m and learned lots of new routines in 'big' school.

Please find the Reception Baseline Assessment leaflet for parents. We will be working on this with individual children over the next few weeks.