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Remote Education

This page sets out what we are providing for you and your child, during the current national lockdown, for those children who are not attending school, those only attending part-time or those having to self-isolate.


What will happen if my child has to go from coming into school to working remotely, having been asked to stay at home?

All children are provided with work packs, these contain the same materials for children who are working in school or are working remotely. They will be asked to take their work packs with them and using Microsoft Teams they will be invited to join their teacher and others working remotely. Using the printed materials the teacher will explain and set tasks, teach skills and review work set in previous sessions each day. If your child finds work difficult or has been asked to submit work this can be done using their Seesaw account or Teams. If you have questions on remote learning, perhaps because it's new to you, or problems connecting then you contact your child's teacher via email or phone school to ask them to get in touch.


What curriculum is provided for children working remotely and is it similar to what is being taught in school?

Teachers plan the same activities for the core curriculum English and Maths and other subjects for all their pupils so that teaching, learning and expectations are consistent for children accessing the provision for critical key workers and vulnerable children in school and for remotely learning at home.


How will my child be taught remotely?

Planning, instructions and resources for parents and children to share for all teaching and learning tasks are placed on the school website on your child's class pages. These will be updated a few days ahead of each session to enable to you access resources as necessary.


Children accessing remote learning from home are expected to access a 'live' teaching session with their teacher each day through Teams. This should be downloaded onto a device at home and children will receive a message to join these sessions. Parents are expected to support these daily sessions of up to one hour. In addition to this, in line with the DfE recommendations, pupils are to spend time accessing online teaching and completing tasks set by their teachers as directed. With the expectation that the total time required is 3 hours a day for KS1 pupils and 4 hours a day for KS2 pupils.


To support this learning, printed materials which link to tasks are available for collection every two weeks in advance of the following weeks learning. Once your child has completed tasks, please return these to school when you collect the new work pack and feedback will be given in class by staff or as part of remote learning on Teams or using other platforms like Tapestry and Seesaw.


If we have difficulties accessing remote learning or don't have a suitable device at home, how can school help?

If you have any issues accessing Teams or the school website, please contact school and we can provide some technical support on these resources. If the issue is in relation to not having a suitable device the school has iPad's which can be lent to any children who require them.


How will school assess my child's work and provide feedback?
We have put in place registers for checking daily whether pupils are engaging with their work. Where pupils have not been engaging in remote learning as expected teachers work with families to rapidly identify effective solutions.


Children may be asked to submit their work or images of it electronically using Seesaw, email or Teams. In addition, children working remotely are asked to return their work packs to school when their parents come to collect their next work pack.


During their daily Teams session, teachers will review and feedback on pupils work, this may include marking work together for instance. Teachers will also review work from work packs brought into school and contact pupils using Seesaw, email or Teams as appropriate. When children's work has been submitted electronically teachers will also feedback as appropriate.


Teachers will record tasks completed, outcomes, results etc for your child on their remote learning, just as they will for those children attending school. This will enable them to make ongoing formative assessments and better plan tasks going forward.


How will you work to support my child who has additional needs to access remote education?

Learning for SEND children will be considered by teachers for all those children in their class. They will provide as required differentiated tasks and materials. These will be provided in various ways, for example with different tasks being sent home in your child's work pack or they may be directed to materials and activities saved in a section on additional needs on their classes web pages. They will also be encouraged to make use of online resources for which the school has provided a subscription such as Nessy Reading and Spelling, Reading Eggs, Reading Eggspress or IXL. They may also be asked to join Mrs Ashley for bespoke support sessions on Teams.


For those pupils with the highest level of need, who have Education and Health Care Plans (EHCPs), they will be encouraged to attend school at this time. For those who are not in school we will ensure that their special needs assistant is in regular contact with the family and they will be provided with bespoke resources and individualised remote learning as required.