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Year 5/6 Mrs Graves

Year 5/6 Curriculum Overview Spring Terms 1 and 2

Design Technology

Year 5/6 have had a wonderful afternoon preparing a three course meal. The children have been working in DT to find out about planning a healthy meal and discovering where the food we eat comes from. This afternoon, everyone took part in preparing a meal of Vegetable sticks and dip, Sticky Salmon and Fresh Pineapple Crisp. Once cooked, all the children were encouraged to try some of the food we had made and I'm pleased to say we have a few more lovers of salmon than we did at the beginning of the lesson. Please find the recipes below.


This week we have been learning all about blood. We even made our own blood!

We added yellow food colouring to the water to represent plasma and a pinch of salt to show our minerals.

Then we added red food colouring to Cheerios to represent our red blood cells. When we added these to the plasma it went red. Mini marshmallows represented our white blood cells and finally a few purple poms-poms represented our platelets.

Year 5/6 Curriculum Overview AutumnTerms 1 and 2

Christmas Party


Thank you all so much for your contributions towards our class Christmas Party. The children had a fun day and there is still more food left for snacks during the week. 

WW2 Workshops


Last week the children in Years 5 and 6 took part in two WW2 workshops, Women during the War and Soldiers of War. The children learnt about the life of both soldiers and women during the war and the many difficulties they faced though a mixture of drama and discussion. 

Duxford Air Museum


A great day was had at Duxford Air Museum. The displays of aircraft were truly magnificent as soon on the photos below. 

Reading Competition

We are holding an exciting competition taking place over the Christmas holidays and we need YOU to take part!


All you need to do is encourage your children to read and take a photograph of them reading in the most unusual place. You could read upside down, with your pet… the possibilities are endless!

Photos should be emailed to:


Entries need to arrive no later than Wednesday 17th January 2024,

If you haven’t got access to email, you can print your photo and bring it to school! Entries received after the 17th January will not be entered into the competition.  

This competition will be judged in 3 categories: Early Years, Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2, a prize for each winner.



Science - Making Periscopes


We have been having fun in class with our Science work on light. The children have been proving that light travels in straight lines by making a periscope.  

Periscopes were first used by sailors in around 1860, who used them in submarines to see above the surface of the water. They were also used by soldiers in the First World War, to see over the top of their trenches. They are still used today by tanks and some submarines.

A simple periscope is a tube with a mirror at either end. The mirrors need to be positioned so that the light is reflected from the mirror at one end, down the tube to the other mirror, then out of the tube to the observer’s eyes.