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Tuesday 2nd March



Fraction number sequences this morning. Remember to look at what is the same and what is different as the numbers change. You might find it useful to draw a pictorial representation of the number to notice what has changed.

Adapted Maths


Our second lesson on Equivalent Fractions this morning. Use the fraction walls given on the questions to help you. Don't forget to fill in the empty fraction walls with the fractions before you start. 



We are continuing with Modal Verbs today. Modal Verbs give the chance or the possibility of an event happening. For page 46, try putting the words into a sentence so you can see whether they make the event sound as if it is possible, probable or definite.

Adapted English


I would very much like you to have a go at the Grammar work set above, but for an alternative lesson, please work through tasks from ixl.



Keeping you password safe and private is essential. Today in computing, you learn all about how to make Powerful Passwords.