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Friday 26th February

Good morning everyone,


I hope that you've had a good night's sleep and that you're looking forward to more tremendous learning today.


Work hard, do your best and enjoy growing your knowledge and skills!


See you online later today!


Mrs Misodi wink

Yesterday we learned about fractions greater than one.


Fractions greater than 1 go by different names depending on how you write them.


For example:

Mixed numbers look like this:  1 ¼ 


improper fractions look like this: 5/4


Here's the main point you need to understand: those fractions above are EQUAL. They are the SAME FRACTION written in two different ways.


Today, you'll be learning how to write the same fraction as either a mixed number or improper fraction.


Remember, they are the same fraction written in two different ways.


Have I said that they're the same fraction written in two different ways enough times now?

Improper Fractions to Mixed Numbers

Watch this video to help you with today's learning.

Maths Adapted Learning - Equivalent Fractions

Today, we're going to be practising equivalent fractions.


Equivalent fractions are fractions that are EQUAL to each other. They have the same value but are written in different ways.


For example:


1/2  is the same as 2/4.   1/2 = 2/4


If you cut a pizza into 4 equal slices, you'd say each slice was a quarter of the pizza. If you ate 2 of those quarter slices, you'd have eaten half the pizza. 2/4 is another way of writing 1/2.


The main point to remember for today's learning is:  equivalent fractions are EQUAL! They are the same amount written in different ways.

Arctic poem with figurative language examples

Today in English, you're going to gathering ideas for your own Arctic poem. You won't have to use every idea that you come up with in your final poem, but do write every idea down so that you have plenty to choose from. Then try to improve each idea.


Remember, carefully choose your vocabulary so that you can create an emotive poem that tugs at the heart strings of your reader. I am banning the words BIG, NICE, SWEET, FLUFFY, BAD and SAD. If you want to use synonyms for these words, have a look in a thesaurus. If you don't have one at home, you can type "synonyms for big" into a search engine and it'll bring up plenty of brilliant vocabulary. Select carefully though, as it needs to be appropriate to the Arctic setting.


e.g. water as big as a bus   indecision


How can we improve it?   


Add adjectives to water:     midnight blue water as big as a bus


Make the simile suitable to the setting:    midnight blue water as big as the sky above it


Replace all banned words:   midnight blue water as vast as the sky above it    laugh


The more thought you put into this now, the more powerful your final poem will be.


Happy creating!

Artist profile - write a profile of Matisse.

Today, you will be researching the life of the artist Henri Matisse. I suggest using the Ducksters link that I've posted for most of your research.