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Friday 22nd


For your phonics session today we would like you to tune into the Ruth Miskin Phonics channel on You Tube

Here is the link:



If you are in Group A then work on the set 2 sound videos.

If you are in Group B then work on the Set 3 sound videos.


Please also encourage your child to read the books below. The books are labelled for each group. 


Group A - This Cat

Group B - Light and Shadow


Today we are going to create a new book cover based on the idea of the Smartest Giant in town.

What will your ideas be? The ----------- child/ teacher/nurse/elephant in --------------school/Boston/ hospital/ the zoo!

These are just some starting points we are sure you will have lots of ideas - what could happen in your story?

Group A make a fantastic cover and talk about your ideas with your grown up.

Group B  we would like you to draw a fantastic cover too and explain a little about your ideas.

In today's LIVE lesson children will need to remember their number lines, some paper and a pencil or if they have one, a whiteboard and pen. Today we will again be looking at subtraction, recognising the symbols and beginning to write number sentences related to subtraction problems. We will use our number lines to help us solve subtraction problems by counting back.


This week in R.E. we are going to think about the special objects Muslims use when they pray.


Watch the clip from the BBC which shows Muslims praying at a mosque:


Then have a look at the PowerPoint together and focus on the beads and the prayer mat. Your task today is to write about these objects.

Story Time

The Very Hungry Caterpillar - Animated Film