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Thursday 25th February

English Live Lesson
Today's live session is English. We will begin with our phonics session and then we will be using our inference skills. We will be imagining how the characters are feeling and using the conjunction 'because' to explain why. 

Today the children will be continuing to practise skip counting in 2s and 5s, please remember to practise counting daily when you can. Please feel free to use the link below to practise skip counting. You could also try grouping objects into groups of 5 as part of practising skip counting in 5s.


Our new topic in Geography is maps and thinking about The United Kingdom. We will look at a map to identify the United Kingdom and find out which country we live in.

Today we will look at a powerpoint presentation about The United Kingdom and label the different countries. We will also look at the maps of these countries and colour them in.

Here is a story for you to enjoy. Just follow the link.

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