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Tuesday 26th


For your phonics session today we would like you to tune into the Ruth Miskin Phonics channel on YouTube. Here is the link:


If you are in Group A then work on the set 2 sound videos.

If you are in Group B then work on the Set 3 sound videos.


Please encourage your child to read the books below too! The books are labelled for each group.


Group A - Grrr!


Today you are going to begin to use '-ing' as a suffix. When you add '-ing' to a verb, it means something is happening now. For example "I am talking". '-ing' is an example of a suffix. 


Group A - Your task today is to to add the correct verb (using '-ing') to the sentence. You have a word bank to help you but if you find this too tricky then have a go at one of the extra English activities in our support section.


Group B - Your task is to choose the correct verb to match the picture and then complete the sentence by adding the '-ing' suffix.


In today's LIVE session we will be comparing number sentences using the terms/language of 'less than', 'greater than' and 'equal to' to compare two number sentences. Children will need to work out the answers to both number sentences before they can compare them so they may need some objects to help them count. 

Please remember to continue to practise the daily count at home when you get a chance. 


Today you are going to explore the properties of materials.... What do they feel like? What do they look like? How do they behave? Can you bend or stretch them? 


See if you can find some materials/objects around your house. Can you identify the property of your object? Is it bumpy? Is it smooth? You may find more than one for each given property! Please stick them onto your page - I'd love to see some of your examples.

Story Time

Harry the Dirty Dog read by Betty White