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Friday 15th January 2021

Here is your learning for today. Along with your Maths, English and Afternoon activities, please ensure you are also reading daily and looking after your well-being through mindfulness tasks and other activities available to you on our class page smiley

Miss Wager


For your English today, you have been given three documents containing various information about the Arctic and the threats it is under, e.g. Climate Change. Your job over today is to research the Arctic, using the documents provided as well as the internet, to find facts which will accompany the following categories:

  • The Arctic (what it is like there, e.g. weather)
  • Climate Change/Global Warming(what is it and why is it happening?)
  • Animals (those which live in the Arctic and why they may be in danger)
  • Other Interesting Facts (which you may like to use in your writing)

Keep these facts handy for next week as you will need them to write your letter to the Prime Minister, convincing him to act on Climate Change.