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Wednesday 27th January

Today you will need the information you have researched about your family tree and we are going to talk about what you have found out.  This will be a shorter session as you will need time to cut out your leaves and stick the information on your tree. We will also be going over the work you need to complete independently in Thursday's session.  It would be lovely to see photographs of your finished tree.  Maybe you can share them on Seesaw.

Today we are going to be starting our family tree. Here is an example of how I have started.


Watch the video that explains how to make a block diagram.

Think about the block diagrams we have made before in English and Science lessons.

Use the tally chart to complete the block diagram on your sheet then answer the questions using the information.

Follow the link to watch the video clip.

Block diagram

Challenge question - Be careful as the each block on this diagram = 10


Decorate/colour the pictures around the outside of the Lord's prayer. Can you practice the prayer till you can say it by heart? There is word search about the Lord's prayer for you to try too

Interactive game