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Friday 5th March


Have a read through the knowledge organiser for measure. You could make up some questions to test your family or they could make up some to test you. Measures is a unit that gets revised each year so the more of an understanding you have of it the better.

English ONLINE

Today you are going to take it in turn to retell the story of Heracles. You will need to make sure you are listening to each other carefully and think about the order of your story before you tell it. I am looking forward to listening to these.


L.O: To know how important it is for a Muslim child to taste Tahneek. 


Success Criteria

 -I can explain what Tahneek its importance. 

- I can choose a food that would have been special for me to taste when I was born and explain why.


Lesson - 


Discuss what foods we know that a baby is given. 


Explain that another part of a Muslim baby’s birth rite is for them to be given something sweet to taste. It is called Tahneek, it is the baby’s very first taste! 

The baby’s oldest relative may chew a date and rub the juice along the baby’s gums or place a tiny piece of sugar or honey on the tongue. Many Muslims believe it helps the child to grow up kind and obedient. 


Link to honey being tasted in Jewish festivals – life is sweet! 

Watch a clip of Tahneek -

Children write what they might like to have tasted as their first food and what this would symbolise.