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EYFS Mrs Tory/Miss Glew

12.7.22 - today as part of our whole school ‘Around the World’ day we learnt about Hawaii. We made ‘lei’ flower garlands and then learnt some hula dance moves. As Hawaii has the largest active volcano we made our own 🌋

Hula dancing

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Hula dancing

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11.7.22 - we have some budding cake decorators in our class. We first made a plan of how we’d like to decorate our cake and then used tools to create them 🧁 they were tasty too.

8.7.22 - today we went camping ⛺️ and made our very own tents. Some of the tents were stronger than others, but we worked together to fix them when the wind blew. We explored the woods, built a campfire and toasted marshmallows.

6.7.22 - we placed bean seeds into bags and attached them to our class window. We have been watching what happens and have noticed how each bean grows uniquely, just like we do. We have recorded what has happened over the weeks and the plants that how grown well were replanted into our trough outside. They have joined our other produce that are now ready to eat.

5.7.22 - As part of our ‘Great Outdoors’ topic we have been comparing visiting the seaside in the present to the past. We noticed similarities and differences. One of the similarities was enjoying an ice-cream. We looked at the ice-cream choices and wrote our orders before queuing for our treats 🍦🍦

4.7.22 - we have watched the caterpillars grow and make their cocoons. We were amazed when the butterflies emerged and we watched them for a few days before we finally released them. We will look out for the butterflies in our outside area.

1.7.22 - The artist Andy Goldsworthy uses natural items to create sculptures we learnt today. We explored our school grounds to collect natural items and then worked together to create our own art works. We added natural items we found in our classroom.

28.6.22 - do you know how to keep safe in the sun? ☀️ we listened to a story (link below) and now know to ‘slip’ (on a t-shirt), ‘slap’ (on a hat 🧢) and ‘slop’ (on some sun cream). We learnt that when our shadow is shorter than us the sun is strong. We went onto the playground to notice shadows and drew around them.

27.6.22 - we used the story of ‘Harry and the Bucketful of Dinosaurs’ 🦕 to inspire our Maths learning. We took handfuls of dinosaurs and counted them. We took dinosaurs away and counted again.

22.6.22 - our caterpillars have now finished spinning their cocoons and have been transferred to their net, ready for when the butterflies emerge. The children were amazed to see the cocoons ‘dancing as the caterpillars worked inside.

Around the World Day - Tuesday 12th July

EYFS - America (with a focus on Hawaii) - further details in the letter below.

13.6.22 - we have been looking at our caterpillars 🐛 everyday to notice how quickly they are growing. We have started a diary to record their development.

8.6.22 - as part of our new topic ‘The Great Outdoors’ we have been looking at mini-beasts and their characteristics. Today we learnt a new word ‘symmetry’ and discovered that butterflies are identical on each side. We created our own symmetrical butterflies by folding and cutting out individual 🦋 and then painting one side. We were amazed as we folded the wings, patted the paint and then opened up to watch the pattern appear.

27.5.22 - celebrating the Jubilee with a whole school picnic 🧺

27.5.22 - As part of the whole school Platinum Jubilee celebrations each class performed to a song from one of the decades of Queen Elizabeth II reign. We made shark hats for our costume and then performed to Baby Shark. We talked about some facts during our chosen decade, the 2010's. These included Prince William and Catherine Middleton's wedding in 2011, all the children in our classes were born in 2016/17, the film Frozen was released in 2013 and London hosted the Olympic games in 2012.

25.5.22 - We completed the second part of our egg experiment 'How food affects our teeth' and recorded the results. We investigated what had happened to the eggs in the orange juice, vinegar and coke and then compared our findings with our predictions.

18.5.22 - Today we learnt all about being an ambulance driver and a paramedic. Mrs Ladds answered our questions about her uniform, equipment and job role. We were so excited when she invited us into her ambulance and pretended we were injured/ill. We got to wear a sling, a leg brace and check our heart rate and oxygen levels. We finally watched the blue lights and listened to the VERY loud siren!!

17.5.22 - our ‘grass selves’ hair has grown so long some children decided to give themselves a bit of a trim ✂️

16.5.22 - today we started the first part of our experiment to notice how different foods affect our teeth 🦷 We placed eggs into orange juice, coke and vinegar. We made predictions about what might happen to the eggs. We learnt that egg shell is made of a similar material to the enamel on our teeth. We will revisit our experiment next week and log our results. We will compare them to our predictions.

12.5.22 - We grew cress and used it to make egg mayonnaise and cress sandwiches. Yummy!

11.5.2022 Today the whole of Reception went into the hall to play some parachute games together.

10.05.22 - we were so surprised when we went into our classroom and saw a cucumber wrapped in toilet tissue, a carrot stuck to the door with plasters, and poor broccoli had marker pen all over his face. We decided we needed to call for help and we knew just the potato!!! We wrote Supertato a letter and posted it, hoping he would be able to help soon. When we arrived in our classroom the following day the vegetables were gone and we found a letter from Supertato.

10.05.22 - we read the book ‘Delicious’, about some animals trying to make pumpkin soup. When they couldn’t find a ripe pumpkin they thought of other soups they could make that were ‘scrumptious ‘ and ‘nutritious’. We tried two different soups and compared how they looked and tasted. We thought about what vegetables might be in the soups.

09.05.22 - today we had our PE lesson on the field. We played lots of collaborative games, taking turns and making sure our friends weren’t ‘stuck in the mud’ too long!!

4.5.22 - Today we added our radish plants to the planting trough. We have grown them from the seeds kindly donated to us by Willoughby Foods. We added a variety of other seeds and observed the different types. We will look after the seeds over the coming weeks and look for signs of growth. We hope they grow so we can taste them. We may have to be more patient with some of the plants!

3.5.22 - Supertato fun today!! We have listened to Supertato stories and with the help of our visitor, Stephen from Asda, we made our very own Supertato’s 🥔🦸‍♀️

25.4.22 - during our PE lesson today we used the apparatus to go, in, on, and under.

22.4.22 - we had so much fun during our trip to Tattershall Farm Park..... the journey on the bus, to feeding the animals, watching a bird display, and exploring the play areas!!

21.4.22 - today we discussed different emotions and when we have felt them. We shared our ideas and then played a game with friends, showing the emotions on the face we landed on. We completed the faces to draw the different emotions, angry, sad, sleepy, happy, excited and many more!

20.4.22 - to celebrate the Queens 96th birthday this week we learnt how she celebrates her birthday’s. We watched a video of a flypast and photographs of the trooping of the colours parade. We talked about how we celebrate our birthdays. We looked at photographs of the Queen through her lifetime and created a new stamp. Some stamps the Queen wore a tiara or crown, and others she posed with her corgis.Other stamps were with her family.

Spring Chicken 🐓 🎵

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31.3.22 - what an ‘egg-citing day’ 🥚 Easter bonnet competition, when the children’s voted for the winner and runner up, an Easter bonnet parade around the outside area, and an egg hunt where we completed a challenge before swapping the eggs we found for yummy chocolate ones 🍫

31.3.22 - a fantastic well done to this terms award winners 🏅

28.3.22 - we have been looking for new signs of life as Easter approaches and Spring is starting to bloom. We noticed new shoots on the plants and Spring flowers.

23.3.22 - today we welcomed Mrs Kadar into our class to talk to us about Ramadan. She brought us items to share with us that are special to her and her faith.

21.3.22 - to support World Down Syndrome Day we wore our odd socks 🧦

21.3.22 - we visited the building site that is next to our school. We wore hard hats and hi-vis jackets so that we were safe. We watched a brick-laying demonstration and then were able to try ourselves.


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Reception will be going to Tattershall Farm Park on Friday 22nd April. Please see letter below for further details.

17.3.22 We had a lovely morning with our Handa’s Surprise dance workshop led by Landall who performs in West End Shows. He made it so much fun, helping us act, mime and dance to put together our class retelling of the story.

15.3.22 - we looked at bridges in Boston and around the World. We noticed that the bridges all looked very different and were made from a variety of materials. We then chose materials from our classroom to build our own bridges. They were too very different.

8.3.22 Today the children had an assembly to meet Daniel from Professor Bubbleworks. He showed us some very exciting Science experiments.

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Experiment 2

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prof bubbleworks 1 007.MOV

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Giant bubbles and floating ping pong balls🏓

07.03.22 - we have been learning what the word ‘endangered’ means. We designed a poster to inform people how they can help animals that are endangered.

1.3.22 - To celebrate Shrove Tuesday we decided what toppings we would like on our pancakes and drew and wrote our order before collecting our pancake. After eating our pancakes we danced to 'I like pancakes'.

28.2.22 - we listened to the story 'In a Minute Mum' and then experienced how long a minute was. First we jumped for 1 minute, then stayed silent for 1 minute, and then tried to stand on one leg for 1 minute. Jumping for 1 minute made us very out of breath! We then discussed the dinosaur egg bath bomb and predicted what might happen to it if we placed it into water for 1 minute. We had lots of different ideas! We placed the egg into the water and used a stopwatch to measure the time, checking each minute how the egg had changed. We then worked in groups to notice what happened to the smaller bath bombs, using different temperatures of water. One groups dissolved in 4 minutes, whereas another groups took 6 minutes. We had to wait for almost 60 minutes for the dinosaur egg to finally show us what was inside, a baby dinosaur!! We recorded our findings by drawing the changes that occurred and explained what we had seen.

Playdough recipe to make at home

22.2.22 - for our first session at Playdough Club we used lemons to flavour it. We grated the lemon rind and then squeezed the juice into the mixture. It’s smelt very zesty 🍋

22.2.22- as part .of our new topic ‘Bigger than me’ we have been finding out all about dinosaurs 🦕. Today we learnt how fossils are made and looked at a real life ammonite. We then made our own fossils in salt dough.

8.2.22 - we role-played with the Goldilocks story resources and re-told the story, remembering to ask ‘Who’s been sleeping in my bed?’

7.2.22 - we listened to the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears and decided we wanted to be kinder than Goldilocks was to the bears. We thought about people that help us and how we could thank them. We decided to draw pictures for our firiends, our teachers and the lunch-time staff. The pictures were very well received and made lots of people,smile. We then thought of ways to help others everyday. using the Random Acts of Kindness cards to remind us.

2.2.22 - as part of our RE lesson we looked at baby photographs of each other and then chose a partner and noticed what they looked like now. We drew a portrait of them.

1.2.22 - as part of National Storytelling week we joined Dorset libraries for an interactive story of ‘Take a Little Walk Little Bear’. The children listened to, and followed the actions of the story.

Week beginning 31.01.22 - Celebrating Chinese New Year 🧧

26.1.22 - we welcomed some very special visitors today 🐶Sacha and Sandy’s owner kindly told us all about how to look after a pet dog. We even had the chance to take them for a walk around our playground. We can’t wait for them to visit again!!

24.1.22 - today we drew maps to help us to get to Granny’s house. Which story do you think we listened to?? 🤔

21.1.22 - we have shown that we know how to keep safe by using the signs and warning ‘builders’ to put on their helmets.

20.1.22 - we discussed the importance of saving energy and then shared ideas of how we could make our contribution.

18.1.22 - The Three Little Pigs story inspired lots of house building. The children used a variety of materials to build and they tested out if they were strong by blowing just like the Big Bad Wolf.

13.1.22 Who will help me bake the bread? Asked the Little Red Hen! We will shouted the entire Bunnies class after reading the little red hen. We made bread buns and butter too! Yummy!

11.1.22 - we explored items when we used the weighing scales. We placed a beanbag on one side and then experimented with different objects on the other side. We watched as the scales moved and discussed whether the items were heavier or lighter.

6.1.22 We had so much fun making gingerbread men! Weighing, mixing, rolling, cutting and decorating! We loved the smell of the spices and we thought the gingerbread men were delicious! We tried to make them a little healthier by decorating with sultanas cherries and apricots rather than icing!

16.12.21 This term we awarded our shining star trophy to Helen, and our reading medal to Kamile. Well done!

Class hamper - Christmas treats. Our kind families donated treats for our hamper and the Bunnies turned it into a reindeer hamper, which won first prize in the school hamper competition! We all tucked into our prize of a box of chocolates and thanked Mrs Aida for her super idea and artistic flair!

Christmas songs 007.MOV

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Christmas songs 003.MOV

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Christmas fun in the bunnies class!

9.12.21 In RE we have been learning about the nativity. We really enjoyed acting out the story with our friends.

7.12.21 The bunnies had a problem to solve today. We had to save the penguins trapped In ice, working in teams. We learnt abound about ice melting and turning to water and how heating can speed up the process. All penguins were released and returned safely to the South Pole! Well done Bunnies, mission accomplished!

25.11.21 The bunnies have so much fun in our new EYFS outdoor area!

19.11.21 Children In Need! We enjoyed raising money for a good cause, spoke about children less fortunate than ourselves, showed off our great outfits and of course did some super learning!

Pudsey visited to promote Children in Need day on Friday - we loved waving to him and having our photo with him

16.11.21 - Having fun in our outdoor area - storytelling chair, making marks, digging in the mud, role play and so much more!

16.11.21 - Road Safety Week - stop, look, listen. Look Right, Left and Right again. The children enjoyed their little trip out to learn how to cross a road safely.

The Bunnies class had so much fun following instructions to make banana milkshakes. They were delicious!

October 2021 This week we have been learning all about numbers 1, 2 and 3. These are the Numberblocks rhymes we say to help us with formation.

We love crafts - friendship bracelets, painting our friends, making boxes for dear zoo animals, natural collage of faces - we are so talented!

7.10.21 - Fruit kebab repeating patterns

Handa's Surprise - roleplay and sequencing

1.10.21 - We had a very exciting visit from Jonathan Van Tam today (a former pupil) when he officially opened our new EYFS outdoor area.

This week we have been thinking about friendships. We have read lots of books about friendships, been thinking about what makes a good friend, painted portraits of our friends and made bracelets to give to our friends.

EYFS reading list


Below is a link to an external website that provides suggested book titles for children in EYFS to read. 


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