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11. How will the school support my child if they have a specific disability?

As a fully inclusive school we strive to provide equal opportunities for all children to access teaching and learning, regardless of their specific learning needs or disabilities. If you are considering applying for a place at the school for your child and they are disabled in any way, you should contact Mr Brady (SENDCo) to arrange to discuss your child's needs and how the school might meet them, for example through making adaptations or arranging for appropriate training for staff. (Please see the school Accessibility Policy on our Policies page.)


Parents will then be invited to meet the class teacher at a pre-admissions meeting, the purpose of the meeting is to provide information about the school and to gain information about your child. This will provide staff with a summary of key information to help them get to know your child and ensure you are confident about how we plan to meet their needs.


If your child with a disability is in a pre-school setting, a transition process will be arranged where the SENDCo will work closely with the pre-schools' SENDCo and where possible, attends transition review meetings to enable any barriers to be removed prior to the child attending school.


The steps the school takes to ensure disabled pupils are treated in the same way as other pupils and how we provide facilities to enable disabled pupils to access the school and learning are set out in the school's Accessibility Plan Policy. These provisions include a number of appropriate adaptations to the physical environment as well as the availability of aids and equipment, in accordance with the Equality Act (2010).