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Arts Award



Dear Bronze Arts Award children 2021/22

Welcome to Bronze Arts Award

By Wednesday 14th July I would like you to get ahead with your project. In order to do this I would like you to research a principle dancer from The Royal Ballet. For the last Bronze Awards the children researched Marcelino Sambe and Francesca Hayward. If you google search principle dancers Royal Ballet it will come up with a list. Royal Ballet's home is at The Royal Opera House. Please only research one person.  Please include facts about the dancer such as: Why they became a dancer, what they have danced in, why you chose them as the dancer you want to research and how they inspire you. The work can be in any format but needs to be about 2 pages of A4. It can be handwritten, hand drawn, it can be typed or a mixture. It can include photos of your artist. Please do not cut and paste from information. It needs to be your own work. 

In about three weeks I will set you another task linked to this one.

Bring your work in on the first day of term please. 

Good luck and I look forward to working with you. Mrs Smith

Wednesday 6th October 2021

Consider the dancer you researched.  Write a letter to that person telling them why you chose them as your artist. Include the following:

* Why you chose them as your artist

* What you have found out about them that you found interesting.

* Why they inspire you

* Include your favourite picture of them

* Include a couple of questions you would like to ask them.

Please complete this by Monday 11th October.


Mrs Smith

16th June 2021

Dear Bronze Awarders

Your homework this week is to focus on the person you researched and find examples of comments made by others about their dancing. Titled: What Others Think about _____ For example, last year, the children found examples from newspapers online and from social media - with parental permission. 

Make sure you show/write where you have got the examples from. Try to find at least three.

This can be handwritten or typed. The work will be stuck into a book so please complete them single sided and if you are unable to print send them to me via email.

Good luck

Mrs Smith


Example of What Others Thought

If you have completed this please make an A4 sheet of the Arts forms found in Alice in Wonderland. These can be drawn or completed on a computer. Think about what you could see and hear and what has  been created such as the set and costumes. You might have a paint brush to represent the set or some stage lights.

Monday 7th June 2021

Year 6 Arts Award pupils

Please create an A4 page for your unit B which shows you as an audience member. Please use photos from the ballet or about ballet and Alice in Wonderland and include your invitation and ticket. Please make sure these are with me by Monday 14th June 2021.

This is the link to the ballet. 

Thanks to a grant from The Mighty Creatives we have been able to fund the Arts Award for this year.

Wednesday 20th January

Follow this document for your skill share. Good Luck. Please complete this by Monday 22nd February and get it sent into school with FAO Mrs J Smith on the envelope. If you have filmed it please send films to

Please make sure you carefully write up your work and have a look at Amelia's from last year to help you.

Please note the books this year are larger than A4 so please ignore the first part about paper size. It can be completed on A4.


The Arts Award Bronze students 2019 -2020 have all passed! We are so proud of you all.


Monday 12th October 2020

As we are now working online please could you email me your work on 'what others think of your artist'. Thank you Maria for yours. My email is:

Your next piece of work is to create a front cover for your work. Please can you complete these on one piece of A4 paper/card portrait.  These need to be in the form of a collage with the theme of dance and will need to include your name. You can print pictures, you can draw or paint. 

Please return them to me on Monday 2nd November.

Have a look at this example.

Art Ambassadors - current Year 4 and 5's

If you wish to be an Arts Ambassador please get your application letters in as soon as you can. Thanks 

Mrs Smith

Hello Arts Awarders!

Thank you for attending our day. It was lovely to see you all and you should be proud with how much work you achieved. The books have now been scanned and are ready to be moderated. Have a good holiday and enjoy your secondary schools. I will be in touch to let you know what will happen next when I've spoken to Trinity Arts. I will miss you all.

Mrs Smith

Hello Arts Awarders

Thank you for your understanding of me not being able to run the session on the 18th. Thankfully my daughter is now fully better. I have arranged for you to come in on Thursday 2nd July. This will be the same arrangements as before. Come to the front entrance at 9.15 for your temperature check. Bring a packed lunch and water. Please bring your pencil case including colours. If you still have any work please bring that in too.

Looking forward to seeing you all and sharing some small treats with you. Yes I managed to go to a shop that wasn't a supermarket!

Mrs Smith


I hope you are all keeping well. Good news! On Thursday 18th June 2020 all the Arts Award children are invited to come to a catch up workshop. All work that you have completed please bring to school on Monday 15th June so I can get them stuck into your books and make notes on what you need to do next. 

Please arrive at school at 9.15am to the main entrance. (You can be collected from there at 3pm).  There you will have your temperature checked and we will work in one of the classrooms on your book. Please bring with you a packed lunch and your pencil case with colours if possible. 

I look forward to seeing you! Please make sure you attend.

Mrs Smith

Hello everyone

Well done to those who have kept up with their work. Those of you who still have work outstanding please make sure it is in school on Monday 1st June. I have talked to Mr Kelwick and he has agreed that at some point soon I can invite you into school to come and work on your projects. I'll keep you posted. 

Your next task is to find some quotes about what others think about your artist - Francesca or Marcelino. Please make sure you write/type where the quote is from. Also, please check you've used the correct paper size. You don't need too many quotes. Good luck.

Mrs Smith


There has been some great work going on and I've been updating your books as we go along. Could you please make sure that your latest piece of work is in school by Thursday 28th May. Sienna- please ensure your skill share is completed by then. Amelia, thank you I have all the work from you that I have set so far. There are a few pieces that need to be completed still but the end is in sight. Keep up the good work. It will be worth it. Keep safe.

Mrs Smithsmiley

Hi all my amazing Bronze awarders!

I'm really impressed with the work on the skill share you have done so far! Well done. If you haven't completed it yet please make sure you follow the block on sharing your skill and bring it/send it to school by Thursday 14th May 2020. For those who have finished I'm afraid there are a few more pieces to work on. I'll will send you these as they are slightly different for each person. I've really enjoyed looking at what you have shared and the photos you've included. Keep going!


Welcome to the Arts Award page of the website. For those pupils who are studying for their Arts Award, please keep on checking for updates Mrs Smith is posting on this page.

Hello Year 6 Bronze Awarders

After messaging with Trinity College they have suggested that you complete your skill share with your family. This can be with one member or with all. You will either need to film this or take photographs so that you can write up what you have done. You will need to write in detail the skill share and get members of your family to write a feedback on your thoughts. I am going to do the one we did last year for Beauty and the Beast with Rosa so you can see what I mean. (To follow) When you have competed your writing please send it back to school so that I can put it into your Arts Award book. I would stick with your ideas -  Annie or The Lion King. I will include all the key questions you need to answer.

 I have started to put the books together and will let you know individually what else you need to complete. Plus please look out anything you have been to see or been in, tickets, fliers. (Amelia – I have all of yours so don’t worry.)

Plus on a Friday at 7pm on Youtube The Shows Must Go On -there will be streaming of musicals. Perhaps you could take a photo of you watching them and that could be included.

Good luck with your skill share!

Mrs Smith

Follow this document for your skill share. Good Luck. Please complete this by Monday 4th May and get it sent into school with FAO Mrs J Smith on the envelope. If you have filmed it please send films to and put on the Subject FAO Mrs J Smith - thanks!