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Thursday 11th February


Today we are moving onto dividing 4-digits by 1-digit. Use the video to help your understanding and methods.

Adapted Maths

Today you are continuing with dividing 2 digits by 1 digit.


Today in English, you'll be continuing to plan and write the final part of your persuasive leaflet about the North Pole - your conclusion. 


Top tips:

  • Take time - you're only doing the first part today. You should not aim to finish the whole thing. Instead, take your time, put your very best effort in to writing high quality language and sentence structures which include all your best grammar skills.
  • Persuade effectively - state what you want to happen.
  • Address your audience - you're writing for the general public. How will you hook them in?
  • Enjoy it! If you enjoy writing it, then you'll enjoy reading it, which will means you'll produce more effective writing.