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Monday 11th January

Monday 11th January

English - live lesson

Below are the learning objective/writing sheet, some ideas for the poem and instructions for the poem in case you can't attend the live lesson. You will need 8 strips of paper to write your ideas on (a piece of A4 cut into 8 is perfect).



Monday afternoon



Materials Power point. Make sure you click on slideshow on the tool bar at the top and then 'from the beginning' to ensure you access the interactive part of the slideshow.

Read the vocabulary posters with a grown up to help you understand what each word means.

Cut and stick to put the words into pairs with opposite meanings - rough and smooth.

Choose one of the pairs of words from your cut and stick task (e.g rough and smooth) and label a sheet of paper (draw a line down the middle of a piece of A4 and write one label at the top of each column). Cut and stick to sort the pictures of objects into the sets you have chosen.

Here are two examples of how you MIGHT sort the pictures/objects.

Story Time - Be Kind